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    Marshalls tears down a wall of false beliefs!

    The no. 1 wallpaper brand in the country takes a down to earth advertising communications route in an attempt to change common beliefs held around the concept of wallpapers. Based on intensive research and conversations with customers, the fact came to light that in spite of wallpapers having a high awareness quotient, many people were just not taking that crucial step to actually try them. Consequently, Water Brand Consulting – the agency handling Marshalls – has designed a on-the-face and to-the-point communication package. Being rolled out pan India, the campaign debunks false notions like `Wallpapers peel off’, `Wallpapers are loud’, ` Wallpapers are hard to maintain’ and ` Wallpapers are not durable’.
    The proposition is communicated very simply and candidly. Vandana Sethi of Water Brand Consulting rightly states that only a hard-hitting communication campaign that talks straight to the target audience’s logic and aesthetic sense in unison could be a solution. Karan Sharma of Marshalls Wallpaper agrees that simplicity and authenticity is the strongest way to communicate to and convince a customer base that is largely sitting on the fence. Mona Menon of Marshalls Wallpaper explains that in the wallpaper business, false beliefs are paramount in the product not being tried out as much as it should. `It is definitely imperative that we come out and vociferously urge people to change their beliefs’ she concludes.
    The print campaign will be supported by innovative Radio Spots on popular channels across the country and equally strong social media campaign.