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Edu-Tech and challenges

In March 2012, Career Clinic, a company was set up with an aim to enhance innovation in enterprises, educators and learners by fostering a sustainable link between industry and the educational institutes. The company was successful in building competence among the students and thus increasing their chances of being employable.

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Many students have been impacted and influenced through the efforts of this company. However, with the changing times, the company decided to put more attention to the career counseling. While speaking with one of the founding team members Mr Deepankar, he admitted that this is one of the major reason that is holding back many students from achieving their aims. According to him, there are thousands of students in the country who are pursuing wrong careers, many corporate employees are working laboriously to achieve something they never wanted, and the aim of Career Clinic is to align students with correct career options.

At this time, the aim of Career Clinic is to support more and more students in the country by providing them effective career counseling. Undoubtedly, the passion of company is well built, the company has the potential to grow but still there are many challenges in the Edu-tech sector which are being faced by many young start-ups. There are challenges in the form that not all the students are aware of the services that are available to them. Several students spend lakhs of money in taking private tuitions but still parents don’t allow them to spend money on career counseling-like services. Even though India has reached a stage where people below the age of 30 are e-literate, there still is a big population that seems unaware of the potential of these services.

Some startups, aims at developing connection between the student and the tutor. At the time when students are investing their time and money on private tutors, there are still many problems that remain unsolved for them. Many students are not confident enough to ask questions from their teachers and others don’t ask fearing their question is not worthy of asking. Currently, these start-ups help the students to build a connection with a virtual tutor that can solve their problems within an hour. This seems like a breakthrough innovation of connecting students to the problem solver, however, there is another set of challenges that are attached to this service as well. Parents often do not encourage students to connect to virtual tutors when real teacher is available to them. Some of the parents avoid this behavior thinking it to be wastage of time. Not just parents, many students avoid such services thinking it is not possible and they lose the applicability of the service.

These examples are not the only ones, there are several more start-ups which are facing similar woes from the unaware parents and the students. As per Kalyandhar Vinukonda, CEO of another startup called Get Buddy, the major problem with the growth of these start-ups despite providing better services is the lack of awareness amongst the general population in India.

On one hand, these start-ups are providing technological advancements that can enhance the learning experience for the students and on the other hand, these start-ups are struggling with increasing the adoption. There are numerous challenges in front of these start-ups before they can think of fulfilling their passion of connecting the Indian students to the vast world of technology.

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