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Women are no less in entrepreneurship!

Women have always been the creators of this world. They have helped several companies emerge out in this world and provide products and services that many fellow people can enjoy. In the emerging country of India, there are several stories of women entrepreneurs who started their own business from the scratch and yet there are many which are busy building up the staircase for the success. Last two years have seen increasing number of start-ups with female co-founders or founders. Their energy and determination has changed the face of entrepreneurship for women and has motivated several others to put their efforts into it. All over the world, there have been many initiatives that support women and encourage them to be a part of the community. In India, women power in entrepreneurship is increasing but still it is among the bottom three countries out of the 32 surveyed by Global Women Entrepreneur Leaders Scorecard 2015.

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Surabhi Dewra, co-founder of, has a feeling that the country will soon enter a stage when there will be an equal ratio of women entering into the journey of entrepreneurship. She further adds that the path for women is definitely not easy. Many have to sacrifice their family life and manage gracefully between family and work life. They often face hardships in convincing investors and others that they are able to work on their ideas with an equal determination as would a man have done. She says the problem with the growth of women in this field is deep rooted. If we see the ratio of women studying in top colleges, it is generally very low. For particular streams like engineering and technology, there numbers are very less. This becomes a constraint in the growth of women since they are encouraged from the beginning about the opportunities they can have.

The Facebook CEO, has proudly said once that she wants to tell every girl who has been told that she is bossy that instead she has leadership skills. Her direction is clear that women are generally downgraded for taking initiatives or acting as a leader. Women in this world are expected to be subordinates and take orders but with the advent of women entrepreneurship, a new hope has risen that becomes a torch bearer to many more women. In India only, currently 30% of entrepreneurs are women and the percentage will soon come closer to 50%. When it happens, only then it will be said that women have gained equality in the society in terms of opportunities, encouragement and positive expectations.

There have been other women entrepreneurs in this new generation. Suchi Mukherjee of Limeroad proudly admits that she is on a journey to build the most extensive and engaging lifestyle platform ever. Her confidence raises motivation level for other entrepreneurs as well. Shradha Sharma, founder of YourStory is continuously bringing up other entrepreneurs in front of the market and supporting them to reach more people. There are many more women entrepreneurs working hard to make their mark in the industry and what is interesting is that this is not a recent affair, this has been continuing since years. It’s only now that they are being noticed greatly by the industries. One of the great entrepreneurs of all times is Kiran Mazumdar Shaw who started Biocon at the time when entering into entrepreneurship was not an easy task for women.

All these women entrepreneurs shout out to the to be entrepreneurs to give it a try and put into your hearts to it. If women start believing in themselves, there is no force that can stop them to conquer the world.

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