3 things to consider before starting a venture

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear

Yesterday, I received a call from an old friend. I was happy to talk to her after a long time. She told me that she wants to do something different and quit her job since she was not learning anything new over there. It suddenly gave me flashback of four years back. She was same at that time as well. She was doing a well-paid job but never happy, she used to tell me that she wanted to do something more meaningful that could help her grow within. I just thought why she was still craving and not actually doing something. The answer was simple, she needed to lose her fear to live a creative life.

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No doubt, when a person starts something on his own or try to go against the norms of society, they face several challenges. One of them is financial security, other is peaceful life and similarly there are many more. I still remember the days when I started my career with CareerGuide, I was confused whether I should opt for starting my own venture or continue doing a job which provided me a stability and a peaceful life. This new venture certainly made me make difficult choices. I had to remain within my tight hand for long durations and still I am in. I was made to choose a simple life over a luxurious one but the good part was that I was working on something that really interested me.

It is to be noted that working on your own never guarantees success. This decision is always full of risks. There are currently 4200 start-ups in India, and many of these will close by next year and many will enter this race. 30% of the start-ups, close within the first year of their operations and many close even after getting large investments. A lot many start-ups don’t even go beyond the idea generation.

But seeing a brighter side, there are many which get recognition in the marketplace. There are many stories of women who believed in their dreams and are now stars of this industry. I believe there are certain factors one should keep in mind before starting their own venture and getting into facing the whole world with an eye of challenge.

1. Double proof your idea

Before laying foundation of your venture, make sure the worth of your idea. Don’t go by on whims and fancies but engage yourself with the actual customer. When I started, I talked to hundreds of students and parents and then arrived at an idea which is a success now. If I had not done this, I might have failed in my efforts even after putting into a lot of hard work.

2. Make clarity of financing

This is one of the most important question in the minds of entrepreneurs. Some think that they will survive on the investment money, but to be very frank, nobody invests in you until you show them some success to rely on. Investors have become more cautious these days with their money due to overflowing number of start-ups in the market which at times enter the market only for the purpose of money rather than changing the existing systems.

3. Be ready to enter the world of entrepreneurship

This one is the trickiest of all. One needs to be prepared of several challenges that come in the way. It is no different than a job in terms of challenges, in fact there are more in this field. You have to become you own manager, salesman and accountant. Even if you hire other people, you need to know what is going in which department. You have to spend several sleepless nights to reach even a single milestone.

The road to entrepreneurship even if difficult is not impossible. Many people have achieved great successes in this field by the strength of their single idea. Just let your fear go away before you enter into this.

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