What helps startups succeed?

If you’re thinking an idea, business model, team, funding etc., are what help a startup succeed, think again. You’re missing something even more important and decisive.

It is all about how well you time your execution. So, stop wasting your time refining that business model or looking for funding.

Further reading:
The single biggest reason why startups succeed – Bill Gross
“3000 Raw Ideas = 1 Commercial Success!” Research Technology Management, May/June 1997/Vol 40, #3, pages 16-27 – Stevens, G.A. and Burley J
Ideas, Products, Team & Execution – Sam Altman

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  1. This post appears to be strongly inspired from the Ted talk “”

    Credits or a link to the Ted page should have been present here.

    • Yes..a summary of all that talk plus “Ideas, Products, Team & Exeuction” lecture by Sam Altman & “3000 ideas is 1 success” by Stevens, G.A. and Burley J.
      Links above.

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What is Success?

What is Success?

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