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Keep Going. Keep Growing.

That should be the theme for startups. In-fact, that’s the theme of the Universe. It just keeps going and growing. So, does humanity with time. No matter how the last year turned out, we will find a way forward and continue to thrive. Wishing a prosperous 2021 2022 🙂 to one and all as we […] More

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Startups, Feel empowered and be heard

I believe everyone wants someone who can understand them at every phase in their life. An understanding parent, understanding teachers, understanding friends, understanding peers, understanding partner, understanding children and the list I imagine can go on.  Bottomline,  All living beings want  to be heard and understood When I had the opportunity to resurrect, I […] More

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Sorry for being a sloth

Please don’t get me wrong. I did love the sloth act in Zootopia.  While I didn’t mean to act like one, it is how I’d have come across when some of you finally started getting responses from me. I get it if you felt let down and for that I’m sorry. Thanks for the holiday […] More

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Startup Pitch: Post, read and discuss the best of web

Crumbd Location: Visakhapatnam Stage: Growth/Scale is a place to post, read and discuss the best of web. It allows users to post an url and we fetch the respective data from the submitted url called as “crumb”. Apart from posting, users can also comment, rate and bookmark the crumbs. Most viewed and highly rated […] More

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