Got your message. I just didn’t see it. My bad.

Apologies to all those who have messaged me using the contact form in the last couple months and haven’t received a response. While the system did receive all messages, it just didn’t feel like forwarding them to me. Perhaps, it wanted me to take a break.

Silly jokes aside, it was a terrible thing to happen. It got its dose of medicine and is all functional now.

If it helps any, you don’t have to resend as all the messages have been saved as mentioned earlier. I’m now processing them and so please excuse the delay while I respond.

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Bootstrapper at Startups
Being away from India for several years, I'm always excited about anything Indian. I'm particularly crazy (read passionate) about start-ups in India and administer the portal for Indian Startups which started off as a platform to write about startups around the world and India in particular. Do startups interest you? Then join startups. Let's build startups in India together. If you need to talk to me in real-time, I'll be available on IRC channel #startuphub. Click to connect.

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