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I believe everyone wants someone who can understand them at every phase in their life. An understanding parent, understanding teachers, understanding friends, understanding peers, understanding partner, understanding children and the list I imagine can go on. 


All living beings want  to be heard and understood

When I had the opportunity to resurrect, I had one goal in mind. Reinstate its earlier philosophy i.e., empower startups, let them be heard in their own voice.

You see, 

Startups in my opinion are no different from other beings. They are full of life, dreams and aspirations. 

Just like any other living being, they are in a constant struggle to survive. Not just to stay alive but to grow and flourish. If you’ve experienced startups, you’d very well know what I mean.

In the past, I was happy to personally interact with several starry eyed startups and wannabe entrepreneurs. It was both humbling and a great opportunity for me to know so many of them and feature as many as I could on this platform back then. With passing of time and given other commitments, I could not devote much time here and it was neglected in due course. I don’t want it to be the reason but that is what it is. I however continue to receive messages to this day from some of the new-age entrepreneurs by way of and I always wanted to do something about it.

Now, when it came to what next for and given that I’m stretched too thin on my bandwidth, I thought I’d give it one more shot and make it a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) /self-service platform primarily with necessary controls in place to stave off unrelated content. I understand some of these controls might cause inconvenience to a few but you will have to kindly excuse it. If you do encounter some pesky issue on, please post it in the forum or reach out to me directly.

Btw and I would have conveyed this personally to some of you earlier whenever I was able to respond but let me put it out in the open as well. 

Please understand that I rely on technology to make smart decisions and sometimes it fails while trying to do the right things. In few cases, it might blacklist the IP address you are coming from as per the defined rules and block your access or some thing else it was told to watch out for. Like I say often, systems and technology can’t see the good people behind a bad IP address or a bad actor. They just go by rules we humans define and program into them. As a human, my apologies for any inconvenience here.

All that said, I now give to you in its current form and feel free to self-publish using one of the new or the old options made available as you see fit. When you can – acknowledge other startups, validate them. Remember, we all want to be heard and understood. Do good, be good. It pays back if you are expecting a return. 🙂

Eventually, I hope to find few someone, some group or organization who can take over and run this passionately. Till then, I’ll strive to upkeep the platform and make improvements as time permits (and may be even get back to writing) but for now I look forward to listening from you directly. If you have other ideas, I’d love to hear.

Finally, remember this if nothing else. There is no one better equipped to say what you have to say besides you – the individual, founder, entrepreneur or which ever other role you play. So, 

take charge and always let your voice be heard and understood. 

Mind you, one news outlet, media platform or journalist cannot dictate your destiny. You do. Your destiny is in your hands and you can control it the way you want. can just be one small precursor in helping startups be found and understood.

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