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Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing

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Hello there, these guidelines are for those who either want to submit a guest post, be featured @ or have already reached out but are left wondering why is it taking so long to get published.

This is to help understand the topics of interest to Startups and what can be done to get published here. Please make sure you read through this to fast track your request.

While this site used to review newly launched applications, products, product features and services from startups in India, that is no longer the only focus.

It is now also used to promote the making of startups, feature the entrepreneurship behind upcoming startups & highlight the founders behind such startups. The idea is to make founders and their startups more visible while at the same time make it a worthwhile and interesting to readers. For such entrepreneurs, it is an opportunity to educate and inspire others while introspecting as they summarize their startup’s journey on this platform. It doesn’t really matter what type of entrepreneur can write here. It doesn’t matter if it is tech startup, an e-commerce website or some other venture. While most would love to learn about startups which by definition serve a big market, can scale and grow fast; other entrepreneurial ventures are welcome too. You’re also welcome to share related experiences & insights that could benefit readers.

So, if you have interesting experiences and insights that you gained in your startup journey and would like to share then this is the place for you.

Get published right away
Please note that owing to the number of requests and effort involved, it can take up to 4-6 weeks if not more to process your request. While your request is being processed, you also have an option to self-publish your own startup pitch or guest post/article to get visibility much faster.

Read along for additional tips and ideas if you want a detailed write-up.

You can send a write-up of your journey, all the way from the ideation, to its current stage and everything in between. Do include details on how you came up with the idea, a name for your venture, the factors that gave you the confidence to take the plunge, initial hurdles and how you overcame the challenges, lessons from your journey etc.

Hope that gives you an idea and now here is how you can fast track your post to getting published.

What you can doDO
  • Make it worthwhile for readers and other (wannabe) entrepreneurs.
  • Share useful insights, tips, strategies and experiences you yourself wish to learn from other startups.
  • Please check for typos and grammatical errors. No one likes reading a poorly phrased post and I don’t want to spend time correcting typos and grammar.
What not to doDO NOT
  • No press releases. Post them here.
  • No event listings. Add events directly.
  • No mails from PR. Nothing against PR but learning about a startup’s journey directly from the founder makes a world of difference. PR firms can perhaps help you get the messaging right, if you cannot do so yourself.

With all that said, below is a sample questionnaire for startups. Also, have a look at earlier posts for inspiration.

When you are ready, reach out with your responses along with some pictures of your team/workplace and it will be featured on

Also, kindly provide a link to your completed profile on for me to attribute your post. See, @sumitbhagat @admin for an example of a completed profile.

Questionnaire for startups

  1. What is your startup about? An elevator pitch, please.
  2. What is that thing which made you get into startups, a world where success is not a common word?
  3. Who are the other people behind this startup and their previous experiences? How did you all meet?
  4. What is its value proposition and how is it different from/better than competitors?
  5. How did you ideate your startup and how did you come up with the name?
  6. How did you go from selling/validating your idea to getting the initial customers?
    Walk us through the journey. How did you make it happen?
  7. How has your startup been received so far? What metrics do you use to measure startup growth?
  8. What were your experiences starting up? Problems encountered etc. What worked well and what didn’t?
  9. Have you ever raised or attempted to raise investment? If yes, share your experiences raising investment.
  10. Your thoughts on hiring effectively? How do you go about spotting talent? What are some of the job positions that are difficult to fill?
  11. What are some of the latest trends in the space you are pursuing? Any other insights/info you’d like to share about it.
  12. What are the future plans for your startup?
  13. In what ways did you seek help from local startup ecosystems while starting up?
  14. Are you looking for help in any areas? (could be funding, hiring, marketing etc)
  15. What advice do you have for entrepreneurs?
  16. Anything else you want to share?
  17. Finally, what makes your startup special and where can one find more info.
This is a living document. Last updated: Nov 17th, 2015

(Please post your announcements, press releases or other requests directly to appropriate exchange forum)
(If you are an amazing startup founder or enabler of startup eco-system in India or elsewhere and would like to be interviewed or featured on then please read this before you reach out)

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