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A startup to share your sorrows

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We all have seen startups that provide services or solutions to businesses or individuals. Their offerings are targeted to help increase efficiency or improve productivity. Majority of global or even Indian startups that you and I come across everyday, deliver something on those lines and can be bucketed into that category.

But here is a startup that takes it to a more personal level and might come across as very unconventional. However, it does attempt to solve a genuine problem and that is where it stands out from the rest of the startup crowd. It is not just another clone or a rip-off of some popular site. (No offense to other startups working on such things)

So, what does this offbeat “hatke” startup do?

Well, they share your sorrows. Yes, they do just that. They help you pour your heart out.

Now, you may be thinking this is crazy. But think again.

How many of you have close friends or confidants with whom you can share your feelings? Even if you have a great bond with your family, would you be comfortable enough to share all your grievances with them? No matter how strong your social network is on facebook, social isolation is a growing problem today. Here are some studies and reports to that effect.

Social Isolation Growing
Close Friends Less Common Today, Study Finds
Social Isolation: Americans Have Fewer Close Confidantes

Call it the result of modernization or whatever but the point being, despite of all the hype and hoopla around social networks like Facebook, Google plus (and Twitter if I may add), isolation is indeed a growing problem and increasing your friend and follower count on Facebook, Google or Twitter is not going to reduce your sorrows. On the contrary, these online social networks can ruin your life. Also, see Criticism about Facebook.

about-sharingdardI believe this is exactly where steps in. Knowing that sharing is the way to lessen the pain, they have created a platform to help emotionally distressed people share grievances. While they don’t seem to have a revenue model currently, I believe they can connect people seeking help with professionals or by creating a pipeline to procure products or services that would help people in need and in the process make money.

Here is how it currently works in more pictures.

How Sharingdard works?
How Sharingdard works?











It is really heartening to see that someone was bold enough to do something about it and for that reason, the founder of SharingDard gets our Fearless Entrepreneur award.
Fearless Entrepreneur Award

Update: There are few more people behind this startup as clarified by RitikaSumant Gajbhiye, Gaurav Rajan & Lima James

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