Beautiful Mess from a Beautiful Mind

Few years ago, while pursuing his Master’s degree in Computer Science, an young engineer with a brilliant mind was bored seeing 2D desktops on computers and wondered if these virtual desktops could be made more lively and make them behave in a more realistic manner, similar to the real world table desks.


A 3D Desktop aka BumpTop

He went on to pursue his idea and while still at the University of Toronto, published a research paper under the guidance of his adviser Ravin Balakrishnan, an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science.  But Anand Agarawala did not stop there.

Like a true entrepreneur, Anand soon productized his work into BumpTop which when installed converts the typical computer desktops into fancy 3D rooms and enhances the productivity. A free version is now available for download. (Watch the video where Anand explains the concept of BumpTop)

bumptop-logoAt a basic level, Bumptop replaces Folders on your desktop with Piles (similar to piles of paper on a table desk). Especially useful is the feature where you can directly start typing the name of a file you want to find, and BumpTop highlights all the piles containing a match. The fun and functional desktop GUI includes several other innovative features with multi-touch capability.

All of 27, this bright engineer with a creative mind is now CEO of the startup behind BumpTop which has been incorporated in 2007 after receiving funding. Aside from Government grants, other funding sources include angel investors Andy Hertzfeld, Austin Hill and G. R. Heffernan. GrowthWorks Capital and Extreme Ventures provided the venture capital.

Bump into BumpTop.

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