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Hyderabad is hip, hot and happening. This south Indian capital city of the state of Andhra Pradesh (at-least as of today) which is famous for pearls, bangles and dum-biryani has established its own mark in IT as well. These are all known facts. What is not known is about the increasing number of startups making Hyderabad their base and the growing startup culture amongst the city’s youth.

Since I landed here, I have been meeting some of these Hyderabadi startups. I have also started checking out all the eco-system partners and startup related events in Hyderabad. The goal is to do my part to bring them all to limelight and in the process learn some interesting things related to startups across various parts of the world. Learning while being on the ground provides a totally different perspective which I couldn’t get from the mainstream media.

I’ll soon start publishing my encounters with the city’s startup eco-system on So stay connected.

I’d love to have some help connect with as many startups as I could while I’m here. So, if you know of any such startups I should talk to or if you could provide other logistical support, please reach out to me through the contact form. I’ll soon publish a contact number as well. Thank you.

(If you are an amazing Indian startup and would like to be interviewed or featured on then we’d be happy to talk to you. Contact us right away.)
(Please post your announcements and press releases directly to Announcements & PR forum)

Photo (Source: Cyber Towers, an iconic IT structure in Madhapur, Hyderabad.

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Being away from India for several years, I'm always excited about anything Indian. I'm particularly crazy (read passionate) about start-ups in India and administer the portal for Indian Startups which started off as a platform to write about startups around the world and India in particular. Do startups interest you? Then join startups. Let's build startups in India together. If you need to talk to me in real-time, I'll be available on IRC channel #startuphub. Click to connect.


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