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Hyderabad startup ecosystem overview

The once wealthy and princely city of Nizam often called “the city of pearls“, famous for its trade in diamonds and pearls is gearing up to become the top startup hub in India. With some 745 startups as of today according to angelist, Hyderabad is fast becoming a leading startup destination in India. Startups in Hyderabad are savoring the support from this thriving startup ecosystem (of-course in addition to its world famous biryani). Several city based startups have already made it big in the market or getting there, thanks to the booming Hyderabad startup ecosystem; MeraEvents, Nowfloats, Martmobi, Migrera are few such.

To succeed, a startup needs an ecosystem where it can find support and thrive. The support ecoystem includes angel investors, seed funds, venture capital firms, accelerators, mentors, incubators, coworking spaces and startup events. To turn a “big idea” into a successful business, a startup needs to be nurtured and supported at various stages in its journey.

Hyderabad has a huge network of wealthy investors who are now open to investing in startups. The city also has the right kind of support system in terms of ever growing number of accelerators, incubators & co-working spaces to nurture young startups. Experienced professionals & executives from Hyderabad are playing the role of mentors, guiding and advising. Hyderabad is also playing host to many startup events which provide a platform to shine, all of which are very crucial to young startups.

In all, Hyderabad has positioned itself as the top startuphub for entrepreneurs and startups in the city are burgeoning. A series of posts to follow will list the top startup services available within the following categories in Hyderabad’s startup ecosystem.

Hyderabad startup ecosystem

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Top players in Hyderabad startup ecosystem


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