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hedge-square-logoHedge-Square is a boutique consultancy firm that helps startups go global.

Specifically, they help startups incorporate globally and expand into other markets. The firm handles all the legal, financial compliance, and corporate management advisory which a business would need to startup in any country or domestic region.

Hemant Shah, the young Founder & CEO of Hedge-Square Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd., says “Why should something as simple as executing a profitable idea be so inherently difficult on an global level in this age of technological advancement?“.

He founded the consultancy firm to take care of all the backend operations thereby creating a perfect scenario for entrepreneurs to start & thrive and lets them focus on the innovation and other core functions required for a startup to succeed.

Growing a business globally has challenges at every step. Maintaining a balance, essential in business expansion, requires professional expertise and handling. It is common sense that business has its value only when it is or will be profitable. To grow globally, it is very critical to associate with right businesses and the right resources at an International level.

So, to connect to a wide variety of service providers for a growing business project, Hedge-Square has established a fruitful economic relationship, wherein the firm provides best in class services and solutions by keeping in mind the capital and other issues faced by a business while expanding locally or internationally. When a business collaborates with multiple service providers, it goes through an adjustment period that has to be established with each one. Hedge-Square provides a one stop solution when it comes to managing & executing all such services under one roof while letting the business concentrate on its objectives without hassle of backend management.

After categorizing the nature of the business project, we delve into extensive research on the country and/or industry it has to be placed in, contact our network in the respective areas and prepare an overview of the services needed for the endeavor. This frees the client to concentrate on the creative & funding aspect of the project. It’s a win-win situation for everybody” says the 26 year old business advisor seated at his comfortable office in Mumbai. He further adds, “Hedge-Square simply takes up your idea and becomes your back office for operations. Serving a wide variety of business verticals, we handle the financial, payroll and legal compliance of expanding business along with opening the horizon to the array of services we provide in every major country through well-placed resources.

The company has placed itself into a niche sector where businesses that are smart enough to detangle from the never-ending processes of compliance issues are outsourcing their operations to maximize the turnaround time for a project.

Hedge-Square has established its network in many of the important business countries and continues to do so. Some of their prior projects within the last 2 years involved operations in UK, USA, South Africa and Singapore, Cyprus. Their debut project was to establish offices in South Africa, Nigeria & Bangladesh for one of the reputed client in telecom sector for whom they have also handled geography specific sectors like FDI Approvals, FEMA Advisory, Logistical Setup and other back-end operations as well as overall business development.

Over the last year Hedge-Square has increased its potential to match a power house of services through technology by building an Online Network Sharing & Business Management Platform called CrossProf which is the product of the JV, Hedge-Square ventured and which is due launch in the first fiscal quarter of 2014. This technology will let global business collaborate with Individuals or SMEs on a single project based cloud platform.

This is our first digital offering for businesses to expand on a global level, where a trusted platform is managing their operations while striving to cut down cost and increase productivity by finding the most profitable opportunities from around the world“, says Hemant while keeping his excitement in par with his calculations.

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