Co-work spaces. Makaan (shelter) and more for startups

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Roti, Kapda aur Makaan (Food, Clothing and Shelter). The necessities of everyday life. Elections were won and nations ruled by leaders promising these to gullible citizens. What does this have to do with startups? Ah, good! so, you’re focusing, processing and still reading here without drifting away.

The point here being, startups too need proper shelter to survive. The notion that businesses can be built from a garage (or bedrooms in India) is largely misrepresented. Not every entrepreneur affords this luxury and secondly a garage or a bedroom is not the right place for a startup to thrive. Startups thrive in startup hubs and setting up an office in such places often comes with a cost, an expense that cannot be supported by budding entrepreneurs.

Realizing these challenges as well as recognizing the potential of startups to build fortunes & drive economies; organizations, communities, universities to governments and everyone in between is leaping forward to lend a helping hand in order to prevent budding entrepreneurs from getting bogged down & besieged with lack of a proper office space, work place, seed funding, expertise in various aspects of business (legal, accounting etc.) which are all required to startup. The entire idea of these organizations is to nurture entrepreneurship by taking care of basic necessities.

In our own quest to discover affordable office spaces in Hyderabad, we came across several places most of which in my partner’s words are “Internet Cafes” functioning as shared offices and it isn’t an exaggeration. These didn’t seem like places where startups can grow and find inspiration.

A cyber cafe in India
A bare-bones cyber cafe in India. Photo: Hindustan Times

However, I also stumbled across a compelling few which were enticing entrepreneurs with some nifty marketing. I’ll try to write about these as a series.

[More to follow]

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