Startup Pitch: Looking forward for a Greener future!; fulfilling our social responsibility.
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Location: Mumbai

Stage: Growth/Scale

Wish A Tree is an environmental startup with prime focus of increasing the green cover of our region by growing more trees. In order to encourage people to plant more trees and also to increase awareness about our depleting natural resources we have come up with a path breaking concept.

Generally on important occasions with present gifts or bouquets worth thousand rupees that doesn’t last it usefulness or purpose for more then couple of days. Instead, Wish A Tree will plant trees and nurture them. In return the person dedicating the tree gets a Certificate from us appreciating their noble deed. The number on the certificate will coincide with that on the tree. This will enable the person dedicating the tree to come and visit the tree anytime in the future to see the tree’s growth.

The revenue may not be too impressive but the “profit” is going to be immense. These trees will absorb harmful gases emitted from our cars and factories, it will provide us with fresh oxygen, it will give us fruits, medicines, shelter (for birds, animals, human alike) etc. So its now time for us to decide whether we want to leave the above assets or liability in form of global warming and pollution.

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