Startup Pitch: Online services discovery and comparison via user ratings

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Location: Bangalore

Stage: Market Validation

At its core, Searche is like an online directory. However, Searche has built-in features which enables users to discover, compare, rate and review these services just like a Tripadvisor is for Trips or a Zomato is for restaurants. Further, with Searche, these services are directly accessible or usable through a single click since these are web or mobile based.
Searche enables:
1. Discovery – Users can easily find options of sites / apps offering a particular service [Search driven by user popularity vs. keywords interpreted by search engines].
2. Comparison – Currently no platform to compare online services on various service specific parameters [Comparison is becoming all the more important due to the number of players offering similar services]. Single rating parameter (e.g. app store rating) doesn’t suffice [Preferences varies both across users and with time].
3. Review – Uses are provided a platform to both rate and review online services on custom parameters. Users can recommend sites / apps that can be added to ‘Searche’ listings.

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Georgy Mathew

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