Startup Pitch: Pre-rented property as an investment

Location: Delhi

Stage: Generating Revenues

Property as an Investment, RentedPropertyWale, your answer to financial worries

Something exciting is brewing in the niche, property as an investment space. Off late there are many websites that are either helping you rent or purchase a property or guide you through managing your finances better. Here comes a portal that offers the best of both worlds. is an exclusive and premium Indian portal that has introduced the concept of pre-rented property as an investment to people. is the 1st exclusive premium Indian portal providing news and information on Pre-Rented, Pre-released & return-assured properties. The company caters exclusively on individual buyer and investor ranging from 50 lacs to 100 crore.

It’s a first of a kind Pan India portal. The company’s focus is to help you find and list the best pre-rented/leased and assured return properties.

Pioneering a Vision

Launched early last year (In January, 2015), to provide revenue oriented assets to clients who want to invest wisely, Gaurav Marwah has been working hard to build his dream and help the people of India build a secure future.

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