Startup Pitch: Structured approach to property selection in India

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Location: gurgaon

Stage: Growth/Scale

PropChill provides an investor a structured approach to property shortlisting, with digital tools to carry out in-depth analysis of residential property across 5 independent verticals of Design, Specifications, Conveniences, Propinquity and Cost. Properties can be compared across all these verticals through graphs and matrices. Ratings have been carried out across all these verticals based on proprietary algorithms which take into consideration 100+ facets of the property. Property can be compared within a city or across cities. For a larger picture ‘insights’ has been developed which give out the ‘Liveability Index’ of various cities in India. It is based on 6 independent pillars and accounts for 50+ facets of the cities. The analysis has a drilled down approach, starting at the level of India and going down to the localities. We spent the initial one year on research of various verticals and shortlisting components which were to be utilised towards comparisons and ratings, alongwith development of various algorithms for indexing and ratings. The next one year was spent on developing the platform or portal and Phase I was launched in Feb 2015, followed by Phase II in July 2015.

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