Startup Pitch: Let us do the dirty work for you

Startup Pitch: Don’t let laundry take over your life. Let Laundry Uncle do the dirty work for you.

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Laundry services

Location: Faridabad

Stage: Generating Revenues

The idea of Laundry services came about when I saw women struggling with there maids over washing of clothes. I tested the idea with 5 close families and the life changed. We as a company offer a monthly package for laundry services including steam press. It’s pure pick and drop service, meaning laundry services at your doorstep.

At the onset, we had several challenges and debated whether to launch our own laundry plant or to wait while we test the market. We eventually ended up outsourcing our initial orders and it has done very well.

The laundry business in India is valued at more than 100cr rupees and is still largely an untapped market.

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