Startup Pitch: –E-Commerce portal that structuralizes Employment for Mobile Technicians
Location: Hyderabad
Stage: Market Validation

Getting your gadgets repaired in the recent times is becoming quite the uphill task. Finding a reliable store that performs these repairs in your vicinity is like finding Bigfoot in a concrete jungle. The skilled technicians that perform these repairs are professional nomads. In other words, they do not have structured employment. These technicians work at three to four places at once for a stipulated time every day for a certain period.
This situation was observed by An Apple Product Professional (APP) and an ex-Senior Sales Adviser of LOT Mobiles, Parathasarathi Narayandas. Looking at this uncertainty in employment of the mobile technicians, he devised the idea of V-Fix for Gadgetbaski.(Gadgetbaski is a Hyderabad based online store that specializes in selling Reliable Unboxed and Refurbished Gadgets with One Year Warranty along with new gadgets, electronics and accessories.)
V-Fix is a module introduced by Gadgetbaski that lets users/customers to get their Gadgets repaired without any hassle. Once the users encounter any trouble with their gadgets, all they would need to do is to contact Gadgetbaski, through their website, and give the details of the gadget(s) along with user

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