Startup Pitch: Mobile first company aiming at digitizing education in India

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Location: Noida

Stage: Growth/Scale

‘ConveGenius’ is a mobile first, edutainment company focused on digitising education and making it affordable, fun and rewarding. We build mobile ecosystems that are designed to educate the masses by bringing in elements of fun, entertainment and rewards.
The company was formed as a follow-up to Aakash Project’s vision that was a part of the HRD ministry’s plans during 2011-2013. Jairaj Bhattacharya and Shashank Pandey, the founders of ConveGenius were involved in reviewing Aakash for IEEE during that interval. The duo felt that the digital divide problem was not being addressed in the right manner which led to starting ConveGenius and its first product ‘CG Slate’- a gamified learning ecosystem for students of classes K-8.
Eventually, to cater to a people beyond the K-8 system, the company launched its second product, ‘Battle of Minds, an edutainment gaming platform for users across age groups.

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