Startup Pitch: T-Shirt that reflects what is on your mind

Wear your thought for the day with our programmable T Shirt

Location: Hyderabad

Stage: Market Validation

With Broadcast Wear, your T Shirt will reflect what is on your mind – from the good to the bad, from the beautiful to the ugly.

A programmable T Shirt, you can change what it says every day! Its waterproof LEDs have been crafted with love to ensure maximum comfort.

It allows you to program a display embedded in a regular cotton T Shirt using your smartphone. The system would let you display pictures, text, and whatever’s on your mind on your T Shirt for all to see.

The T Shirt would feature a thin LED display and a small microcontroller with a battery. The smartphone would wirelessly connect to the shirt’s built-in microcontroller and send information to be displayed.

Created by a team of people passionate about technology who believe that technology can be used innovatively, it is the country’s first programmable T Shirt. Based out of Hyderabad, India, this T Shirt is the brain child of a 4 – months – old company that hopes to disrupt the market.

Broadcast Wear looks like a regular T Shirt until you decide to unleash its powers onto the world.

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