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Location: Mumbai

Stage: Generating Revenues

Bookthisbook online book renting portal, an initiative under Hon’ble Narendra Modi’s “STARTUP INDIA STANDUP INDIA” campaign has 2 basic Vision & Mission

1) For Readers (For People) – An online book rental portal that gives its users a choice from a wide variety of books that they wish to read about either as a hobby, research or self-improvement. Giving books on rent will help the readers enjoy reading without burdening their pockets.

2) For Authors (By People) – Helps the upcoming ingenious authors to promote their books among 19 million Mumbaikars

In bookthisbook we are solving 3 main problems:
1) For customers
1.1) Variety of books
1.2) Saves money
1.3) No personal visit to stores
1.4) No book storage problem

2) For Authors
2.1) Marketing: We help the upcoming ingenious authors to promote their books among 19 million Mumbaikars without any publication fees.

3) For Employees Free Education:
Employment & Free Education 90% of the staff of bookthisbook are those people who didn’t get a chance to study due to some or the other reason. We, at bookthisbook give these employees, a chance to study in educational institution by paying their basic fees and provide

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