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Security Thinkerz

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Security Thinkerz is group of highly knowledgeable and highly experienced security professionals. We started Security Thinkerz with a motto and vision to create safe web for individuals and to provide affordable and reliable cyber security services to SME’s. Our focus is more on start-ups just because start-ups can’t afford to spend hefty amount on security.

Web Application Security Testing should be part of any organisations risk assessment phase prior to launching live services. We take web application security testing to the highest level, ensuring you can release your web app knowing it has been extensively scrutinized by industry leaders.
Security Thinkerz can provide scheduled monthly website penetration testing services to ensure your web presence is secured on an ongoing basis.
Website Security Testing is done using ‘real world’, no previous knowledge attack techniques, which simulate a real hack attempt to gain access to your server or capture sensitive information. Security engineers will conduct a ‘fingerprint’ style analysis of your server and website pages using a unique tool set that actively checks every page, script or plugin for weaknesses.
Our Website Security Testing service not only tests the web pages of your website, but also looks at the operating system & environment upon which the website sits for vulnerabilities to exploit.

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Engineering graduate with having different experience at various fields like robotics, electronics, software project management, Entrepreneur by Heart. Loves to keep myself updated with latest IT security trends and threats and news.


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