Technology driven dabbawallas serving home cooked food

TinMen, Uber for home made food

How it all started

When Mukesh Manda who is now the co-founder of TinMen, was working in IT companies, he noticed that the cafeteria food wasn’t up to the mark. Around the same time, Chaitanya Degala, TinMen’s other founder also experienced the lack of affordable and good home cooked food for working professionals. They both felt that heading out for lunch every day is not only time consuming and unhealthy but expensive as well.

With hectic work and a busy lifestyle, employees in the IT industry don’t find enough time in their schedule to catch a bite of good food. They have to settle for the average cafeteria food owing to crazy project deadlines, busy schedules, coding and bug fixing marathons in their day to day work.

Your work food

food delivery service in Hyderabad - tinmen
TinMen delivers food carefully prepared by best home chefs in the town to your place. It saves you time in deciding, ordering & paying for food as well as coordinating with the delivery guy. All one has to do is recharge their TinMen wallet and pre-decide on the week’s lunch menu at one time (say Saturday night) from an ever expanding variety of choices. Once a customer selects ‘Start from tomorrow’, the lunch is delivered until the wallet runs out of money or they decide to pause it. Starting at an affordable price of Rs.50.00, TinMen lets you say goodbye to all your office canteen/cafeteria woes and say hello to healthy, homely and yummy food.

Customers only have to come back to the app when they want to modify their weekly plan or when they want to pause or restart the service which can be done with the click of a button.

A major chunk (80%) of their food is made by home chefs and the rest is procured from kitchens in cloud. They have a variety of lunch food options to choose from – North Indian, South Indian, Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, Organic, Rice Boxes, Parathas and Biryanis as well.

Growth & Reach

Currently, TinMen operates in Hyderabad and processes about 250 orders/day. Their office lunch services are offered in Hitech city, Gachibowli, Madhapur and Kondapur in Hyderabad. They will soon expand to new areas in the city. During this Diwali they touched the 300 orders mark. They plan to expand to new cities in about 6 months – Bangalore being their next.

So good is their service that their patrons want this to be extended to dinner as well. Naturally, TinMen who want to delight their customers and always keep them happy will soon be planning on dinner services.

Food Delivery

Packed nicely into their brown paper bags is the tastiest home cooked food in town. No extra delivery fee is charged. The also have same delivery guys deliver food in a given route for increased efficiency. Customers love it as they don’t need to give directions to their office location or instruct how to deliver every time they order.

About Founders

The two founders met when Mukesh was a freelancer and Chaitanya approached him for consultation. This duo then teamed up for hyper local grocery startup – QuickBasket. While that shuttered for various reasons, the experience from that failure is being best used at TinMen, their stepping stone to success.

Tinmen was conceptualized in April 2015 and launched in July 2015. This 4 month old startup is currently bootstrapped and is in the process of raising seed funding.

Mukesh Manda, 27, is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, Amazon and Oracle. While Chaitanya Degala, 29, is an alumnus of Oxford business school, CRISIL and Deloitte.

TinMen @ OurHub

TinMen give a 5-star rating to OurHub, a co-working space for startups in Hyderabad. The team completely love the way OurHub is designed, be it seating or the wooden tables.

They find it spacious, comfortable and easily accessible. Given all the amenities, they say shared office spaces couldn’t get any better. Light on the pockets, OurHub gives them more value for money.

OurHub is proving to be a start up friendly co working space – where creative minds innovate and succeed.

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Startups in OurHub highlights startups working together at Our Hub which recently launched as a brand new and affordable co-working space in Hyderabad with a mission to help startups do the right thing. In a series of posts, it will highlight how few creators and creative minds are coming together to realize their dreams & how our hub is supporting them. OurHub’s mission is to become a hub where startups come together to succeed. Magic happens when the community comes together and OurHub wants to be the magical place.

Coworking space in Hyderabad for creators and creative minds to startup and succeed

While it is not structured as a NPO/NGO, we decided that we would run Our Hub and all its events and activities at a break-even. The goal is to make it the most affordable and thriving hub for startups. Our special thanks to all the partners who support us in our mission to support startups do the right thing.

Contact or call Our Hub (9032762521) if you want to partner, host an event or join with us at our hub and be part of this journey to succeed.

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