Built2Cook delivers perfectly measured ingredients to cook a perfect meal

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Built2Cook – Chef to Master Chef

Built2Cook LogoBuilt2Cook is an exclusive ingredient delivery enterprise providing delicious and healthy food at affordable prices. Their major client base is working professionals with busy lifestyles. A concept to help anyone cook a gourmet meal in just 20 minutes.

Built2Cook’s team of experts collect and experiment with various recipes to find the right taste and break down the recipe into 4-5 simple steps. 5-star chefs and restaurateurs hand pick the finest ingredients in just right proportions. The fresh ingredients and a pictorial step wise process to make the dish are then packed into the cook-box.

All that is needed is a stove and pan as everything else from salt to oil is bundled into the box. The cookbox gets delivered within 1-2 hours based on the distance. With each cookbox priced reasonably, cooking exotic dishes couldn’t get any easier. Happiness is now homemade. Order at


Built2Cook which currently operates in Hyderabad and Mumbai got a huge positive response from both the cities. They now have plans to expand to Pune, Bangalore and Gurgaon in the near future.


Altaf Saiyed, an MBA graduate from Stanford University is the founder of Built2Cook. At 30, Altaf, who has lived in the US and UK for six years, had earlier worked with Tech Mahindra and was a part of the Vibrant Gujarat initiative for the Gujarat government.

Altaf strives to make dining a gourmet experience. He realized that authentic cuisine was tough to get around and even more tough to cook. The problem led to this start-up idea – built2cook.

On choosing OurHub

Built2Cook needed an office space to run their operations, kitchen and marketing. Being a start-up they couldn’t afford to spend a lot on just the workspace. That’s when they started looking at shared office spaces in Hyderabad and came across OurHub after looking through several highly priced and inaccessible co-working office spaces.

Currently, their team of 4 people operate built2cook from OurHub premises in Madhapur. OurHub proved to be just what they wanted – affordable, spacious and comfortable. They run all their operations and marketing activities from this start-up friendly coworking space.

What Built2Cook loves at OurHub

Having settled into OurHub, the operations manager of Built2Cook says they would recommend OurHub as an affordable shared office space in Hyderabad. They especially like the spacious office environment and seating in a relaxed setting all of which comes at a very affordable price and well within their budget. Here is what they like about Our Hub.

[lists style=”thumbs-up” color=”#dd3333″]
  • Ease of accessing a co-working space
  • Spacious office space
  • Cordial co-working teams
  • Comfortable seating
  • Conference rooms
  • 24×7 accessibility
  • Flexible plans
  • Wi-Fi facility
  • Power backup
  • Dining area

Built2Cook is now a happy start-up team, ready to serve delicious recipes with ingredients at the customer’s doorstep.

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