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What makes Tooler special besides providing home and office services at your doorstep on demand? For starters, I think it is their awesome team. I do believe that more than anything else it is the team that makes or breaks startups and Tooler team has the right ones. Sukanth Srivastav (@iamsukanth), a co-founder talks about Tooler along with a dose of startup gyaan, their services, team and more. Tune in.

Running a startup is tough but not impossible and an experience worth living for –@iamsukanthSukanth Srivastav,

Tooler: The New Age Home Services Hero!

That’s been one of my mantras – focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.Steve Jobs

Startups are emerging every single day flooding the market with new ideas. Creating a new theme needs a lot of knowledge but not necessarily much experience. The main factors needed for establishing a startup is risk-taking ability, good management skill and following simplicity. Just as Steve Jobs believed, simplicity is the main dofus. That’s what we also believe at Tooler. We created a simple application that helps you with your housework. It helps you book your handymen as well as track them whenever required. It aims at making one’s life hassle-free.


Tooler IndiaWhen everything is available at just a TAP on your smart phones why not your handyman be the same? Tooler is an app introduced to cut the tensions off in a lay man’s life regarding laundry and other home services. Available as an app at Google Play, Tooler provides its users a hyper-local market to easily book laundry services, electricians, plumbers and carpenters. It helps its users to book home services in a more organized and in a sorted way which at present is scattered and undefined. Being quick and ensuring quality with our services is our aim in this endeavor.

How it all started?

A horrendous experience on a Saturday noon motivated us to start Tooler. Sitting with friends, watching TV, we experienced a power cut. The electrician who arrived, after too many hassles, did half a job, but charged double. If this wasn’t enough, even the laundry returned dirty, and without proper ironing for the next day. This just clarified the need for a service that could regulate this industry and guarantee complete service.

The 3 musketeers

(L-R) Vishal Gupta CTO, Himanshu Arora CEO, Sukanth Srivastav CPO

Tooler’s core team consist of three co-founders enduring their expertise in various fields. Himanshu Arora-CEO, Sukanth Srivastav-CPO, and Vishal Gupta-CTO.

To build something from scratch, one needs to be equipped properly both in terms of knowledge, and in skills. Our team has worked with different products at different stages which helped us to analyze our pros and cons. We have had hands on experience with product development, product management, operations, and developing applications from the scratch.

Value proposition

As the most ‘affordable’ and ‘fastest’ laundry and logistic service provider, Tooler is a one tap solution for everything one needs.

  • Guaranteed handyman/rider within 120 minutes for on demand service
  • Option to avail service at the time of convenience
  • Reliable handyman/rider checked and trained by our experts for both fulfillment of job, and customer interaction
  • Best rates available in the market
  • Best laundry/ dry cleaning and at competitive prices

Initial customers & traction

At the beginning, customers reached us through just dial, social media, and many through our mobile application. Our priority is to capture the laundry market first. We reached out to our potential market in a number of ways, which included attaching fliers in the newspaper, referral discounts, placing standees at malls, campus ambassador program etc. This generated a huge demand and the promise to fulfill those keeps us on our toes.

With time, we recruited more riders and handymen to fulfill the requirement. Eventually our marketing has helped us in growing the amount of bookings through our app over time.

Growth prospects

Hyperlocal On-Demand marketplace has huge growth prospects. The way people have acknowledged and recognized us has made us believe anything is possible. We aim to introduce 3 major categories during the next three months. The first service that would be introduced is going to be the delivery of hardware logistics, with their fittings, and if needed some repairs. For the future, delivery of water, bakery items and online ordering of food from restaurants is on the cards.

Our aim is to increase our daily interaction to over 1000 bookings. To facilitate easy signing up for handyman and riders, our Tooler Partner app is pushing out new updates. This would also generate easy employment.

Growth funds

We are looking to raise $500,000 to expands our services, and have more outreach. We are in talks with VCs for the same. We aim to expand our fulfilled orders to over 250 everyday.

This amount would aid us in hiring more handymen and riders, and expand the services we offer.


Hiring! This is one of the biggest challenge for any industry. For us, it was more demanding as you cannot test any handymen or rider by sending them for a booking. A mediocre service would result in losing our customer base. Also, managing the amount of bookings we are receiving, to optimize each and every day for both – our customers and our handymen/rider is a tough task.

Startups may look ‘cool’, but the obstacles are enormous. Leaving our well paid jobs, convincing family to let us bootstrap our startup was just one thing. Let me tell you one thing about building a startup that no one else would: “Frustration doesn’t creep in when you have a failure, but when a competitor gets funded.”

Hiring effectively

Tooler Extended Team
Every startup is 50% idea and 50% is team. The team is the most important part that can make or break a startup. Just as an example, in our case, we have two different teams that needs to be hired.

First team comprises of developers, content writers, PR team, CST team etc. People who can effectively do these jobs are many, but someone who can optimize their time to achieve better customer interactions are hard to come by.

Second team comprises of our handymen. The biggest challenge while hiring a handyman or a rider is not restricted to checking their talent, but also checking and improving their soft skills.

Areas of improvement

As a startup, we need to scale everything. From our team to our reach. A step by step expansion, with a better and more organized system to automatically allocate handymen/rider is under development.

Advice for entrepreneurs

When we tell people how we are putting our heart and soul into the startup, the only thought we have come across by the people around us is ‘Why are you wasting your time when you had the jobs people die for’, and we are pretty sure that many of the budding entrepreneurs might be hearing the same. But what we can tell from our experience is that running a startup is tough but not impossible and an experience worth living for.
CAUTION: People who have heart problems shouldn’t actually indulge in them!

Download the magic tooler for you home and office

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