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Sameer Patil from talks about his start-up that brings out the best travel deals at a single platform,ensuring a win-win situation for all.

Techies are the experts from Travel Industry who carefully choose the deals after searching through thousands of travel offers & put the 25 best travel deals on based on their Unique Value Proposition.

1. What is Please explain the ‘techie’ part of it.

TravelTechie is India’s 1st Travel Deals Site. It aggregates the best deals in Travel from various Travel service operators including Airlines, Hotels, Travel Agents & brings it in one place for the convenience of the travelers as well as the small & medium travel agents. We simply put up the link of these travel deals on which takes our users directly to the provider’s’ website where the travelers can book their travel. We are not an online booking site.‘Techies’ are the experts from Travel Industry who carefully choose the Deals after searching through thousands of travel offers & put the best 25 Travel Deals on our site based on their Unique Value Proposition by way of their cost saving offers or uniqueness.

2. How long have you been in service and how is the customer response so far?

We have just launched last month & we have seen an amazing response from our user base which is growing at an exponential rate. Travel operators too have realized this potential & have been using our services to promote their special offers.

3. What is your business model?

We promote the best deals in travel by regularly publishing the details on our site. We also email these deals each week to our user base comprised of Travelers & Travel Agents. This will help the travel operators get more traffic,  more visibility & consequently increase sales of the of the travel deals they promote from time to time. In addition, travelers will gain easy access to the Best Travel Deals & we will gain revenue from the ads on our site. So it’s a win-win-win situation for all.

4. Any significant features of that makes it stand apart from its competitors? is not a booking site. We bring to you the best deals in Travel from various sources in an unbiased way along with the link to the operator’s website. We generate meaningful traffic of travelers who are actually looking to purchase tickets & direct them to the supplier’s site. The deals are chosen editorially based on their value proposition.

5. What are the benefits of being a user of

Everyone keeps on hearing about 30% cash backs on Airlines & other special offers all the time. But when you actually want to travel, you don’t know where the best travel deals are available. aggregates the best deals in travel after searching through thousands of websites & puts up their details in one place along with the link to the operator’s website. This way any user just needs to visit TravelTechie & they will know the best offers available in the market without having to waste time by individually searching through various sites. The user will also save money by finding cheaper or cost saving travel offers. This apart, TravelTechie also presents some really unique & exotic Travel packages which are not much known, like the 7 Nights / 8 Days River cruise in Assam which takes you through Kaziranga National Park & North East Hinterland.

6. Could you tell us more about yourself, your position & other key players, if any?

I have been in the Travel Industry for more than 15 years having worked with key travel players including Discover The World Marketing, Orbitz Trade Fairs, Travel Corporation India & lately where I was Heading their Marketing. I have done my MBA in Marketing from Sydenham Institute of Management.

7. How large is the team behind your start-up? Are you all based in India?

We are currently a small team of seven & based out of Mumbai.

8. What is your revenue model?

Our revenue Model is advertisement based.

9. Any particular marketing strategy that you find very effective for your start-up and why?

There are several strategies in place which include positioning yourself uniquely, generating lots of PR , Word of mouth, using social media marketing effectively & creating a buzz. This will bring you traffic at the fraction of your advertisement costs.

10. What is your take on increasing number of startups in India?

Startups are good & I salute the spirit of entrepreneurship. However, one must be extremely careful of the cash burns involved. Also, cash flows need to be maintained positive without which the business is slated to be doomed sooner or later.

11. What is the best advice you’ve ever received.

Distinguish between essentials & nice to haves and then get on with it instead of haggling over small glitches & issues.

12. Do you follow any other websites religiously? because of their continuous innovation & for the marketing resources it offers besides various Online technology & travel websites. And of course, for the insights it brings into the entrepreneurial challenges.

13. Your role model?

There is no one in particular but I like the way Richard Branson & Vijay Mallya have flamboyantly built their businesses.

14. How much time do you spend on your venture on a daily basis?

I believe that the quality of innovation or value addition is more important than the quantity of time. Sometimes I am on it for just about 7 hours & some days it stretches to 20 hours.

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