Feet to the ground, eyes to the sky – that is how The Indian Brand plans to fly

Learn more about how two twenty-somethings turned their pride and passion about being an Indian into a startup with minimal investment.

theindianbrand-bachchanWhile all the buzz this young startup has been creating in the social media could perhaps be attributed to its richie-rich co-founder, I set to find-out what really motivated them to venture out, how they executed on their idea and the future plans for their startup.

Through the venture, their aim is not just to create an impact but also create a value and make a positive contribution to the society. Here is their journey.

theindianlogo1. On their idea —

The idea of THE INDIAN Brand came from 3 powerful inspirations.
One – being proud young Indians, we felt the need to make a difference in the world.
Two – We wanted to do good for the society through a social enterprise (a for-profit company with a strong social cause attached).
Three – Given India’s diverse cultures, numerous languages and vast history, only one facet brings people from Kashmir, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Arunachal Pradesh together – that is being Indian. We felt, through being Proud young Indians, we needed to create a common movement to unite the country for a brighter, stronger future.

Hence THE INDIAN Brand was born.

2. The motivation —

Being entrepreneurial and passionate about the cause got us started with the idea. We were so excited that we could not wait to see the idea executed. However we were cautious enough to make sure the business model and supply chain was perfectly aligned and scalable.

3. It is all about Execution.Execution.Execution —

The first step was the get the product. End of the day – the product is most important. How we branded, placed or packaged ourselves is important as well, but our first priority was that the product has to be of the highest quality and most reasonable price.

So we went about to numerous vendors to get our product made. This took the longest as well – almost a year.

theindianbrand-launch4. No kidding!!! All this was possible under just $10K?

As a startup company, we were very frugal in our spending. We used two mechanics that helped us keep costs low. First was to choose the e-commerce route which took away the burden of the CAPEX involved in building a store physically and second was to choose the social media route which reduced our marketing budget tremendously.

We launched in a big way due to the large undivided support of our parents, family, friends and well-wishers who have been there throughout the process. This startup could not have been possible without all the support.

5. On promoting Brand India through apparels —

Brand India was the idea – apparels is the channel we are using to promote it. Proud to be young Indians and giving back to the society are the two core drivers of THE INDIAN.

6. On sustainability —

Yes it is a sustainable business model because the product is of immense quality adding on is its reasonable pricing, comfortable fit, high customer service and young promotion.

We did a survey of about a couple hundred people to see market validation of the product and brand.

7. The response so far —

We are extremely fortunate to have been received very strongly into the market. We sold out on day one. We have got a large number of orders on the e-commerce website and we have received order enquiries and support from over 20 countries apart from 15 large cities in India.

8. More about the founders —

The India Brand Team
We have known each other for over 15 years. Our families are family friends and we are extremely compatible as business partners. We both have complementary abilities, skills and thoughts that can help us run THE INDIAN smoothly and with highest efficiency.

We are true entrepreneurs – we both have no experience in the clothing business except Ishaan’s family business is into clothing. We have learnt through our mistakes and through supporters in the industry. We have tried the hit or miss method and have always kept quality, reliability and long term relationships in mind.

indianbrandteam9. The extended team —

We have a team of 5 people apart from the two of us – most of this team is to execute the orders. But our major external team is our manufacturer and our courier service company who are very credible with over 20 years of experience.

10. Future plans —

We hope to take THE INDIAN into a large variety of products such as bags and other wearables such as glasses that will allow us to give back more to the people who are in need of basic amenities. We also have grand plans to launch shipping globally due to the high demand.

11. The winning mantra —

“Feet to the ground, eyes to the sky” – be humble in your learnings/actions and large in your dreams.

Let’s wish the Indian brand flies high

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