Sunil Bhargava – The investor who invests something more valuable than dollars

Sunil Bhargava, Founder & Partner - Tandem Capital


I believe one can either learn from self-experience or the experienced.

Nothing would beat the first-hand experience but it comes at a price and needless to say is going to be extremely time consuming. Learning from the experienced is the next wisest thing to do and I had the privilege to do the same when I recently met the very wise and successful Sunil Bhargava of Tandem Capital, a startup acceleration fund based in Silicon Valley.

Sunil Bhargava who prefers the title Tandem Entrepreneur is no ordinary investor. He has deep expertise in Silicon valley and that is what he brings to the table besides his dollars. He not only open the doors to Silicon valley by investing in startups across the world but is driven to help them build successful businesses.

Some of the things he shared in this conversation.

[hero heading=”Sunil Bhargava, Founder & Partner, Tandem Capital”]“Capability and passion (of an entrepreneur) should be reflected in the startup”[/hero] [lists style=”star” color=”#dd3333″]
  • What made him start Tandem
  • How Tandem works with startups (in tandem) to help build successful businesses
  • What sets Tandem capital apart
  • Tandem’s performance so far
  • What does Tandem expect in new partners
  • How do startups get into Tandem
  • What kind of entrepreneurs and startups are more interesting
  • Key rising tides that make it possible to build unique businesses today
  • What is Tandem’s strategy for India
  • Positive side of Indian ecosystem
  • Challenges in Indian ecosystem
  • What would make India more attractive to investors and startups
  • What can Indian entrepreneurs do differently
  • What should entrepreneurs do to standout
  • What kills startups and key learnings from his years of experience

Watch the video interview with Sunil Bhargava (embedded above) to follow the entire conversation.

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