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Vikas Koti of Lotussutra, a business providing manpower services chats with Nikhil Peter of Startups  about their startup.

1. What is LotusSutra?

Lotussutra Consultants founded in 2007 in Bangalore has been a preferred Manpower Services Provider for companies across India. Alongside various Corporate Affiliations, we are also associated with Universities in promoting fresher talent. The Company has seen an exponential growth both in Clientele and Revenues and has recently moved to a 25 seater Enterprise Class Office Infrastructure.

Lotussutra is well positioned to achieve continued growth in Staffing. The company has efficient technology partners and is committed to continued innovation, investing in Technology and Learning. The company’s business strategies, services and its employees are aimed at delivering value for customers and shareholders.

2. What was the driving force behind your start-up?

The Staffing industry was essentially driven by companies catering to need based solutions rather than creating opportunities. The purpose of our existence is to create opportunities which are two fold. First one being to deliver cost effective client solutions & other is create opportunities to job seekers.

3. Please share any significant features of your start-up.

If you survey the recruitment industry, ours is the only company today which has replicated a IT Staffing delivery model for Tier II city. Staffing was earlier restricted to entities based out of Metros. We credit ourselves of being the only startup in India which has a delivery team in Tier II city.

4. How far do you see the acceptance of your service to the masses?

Staffing Business is about creating avenues. Everybody needs to grow, everyone wants more. The India shining story now has taken the route of developing markets domestically. So as far as we are able to create careers for everyone we are winning.

5. How is your start-up doing so far? Any significant achievements to share?

The company has a 6 digit turnover & clientele has crossed 35 niche players. To sum up we work with the top 5 companies in IT & Non-IT spectrum.

6. Tell us more about yourself, your position & other key players in your start-up.

Vikas Koti – Vikas, prior to founding Lotussutra has been with the Executive Search business for  more than 6 years. Vikas heads the Client Acquisition, Account Management & Delivery team at Lotus. Vikas is instrumental in developing the Technology Business line at Lotus. He also understands the entire architecture of franchising business & nurtures keen web designing, development skills & assists in content formation/design for a product company in Bangalore.

He holds a Masters Degree in Human Resources and Marketing from the prestigious M P Birla Institute Of Management, Bangalore.

Aruna H – Aruna, has had a stint with the recruitment industry from 2003. She is currently relocated to India and provides strategic direction to Lotus’s business engagements. Aruna’s exposure to US recruitment industry for over 5 years enables her to act as a catalyst for exploring newer staffing practices at Lotus. Apart from business development, she works on creating operational excellence at Lotus.

She holds a Graduate Degree in Dental Science from the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College,Belgaum.

7. How is your startup being funded so far?

It’s a self funded project.

8. What were the hurdles you had to cross while setting up your start-up?

Developing a business model since we were the pioneers in setting up a IT staffing company catering to niche clients and operating in different geographies.

9. What are key technologies your service is built upon/aids in your processes and why did you opt for them?

Ours is a people driven business & technology is an enabler not a solution we sell. Our technology paradigm includes being connected to world through social networking, blogs and an ERP for efficient delivery

10. In your experience, what has been the most effective way to market a business?

Personal touch to business sells if you sell a service as you don’t sell a finished product for consumption.

11. Any useful tip you may want to give to the future entrepreneurs of India?

If you intend to be an entrepreneur, then everyday of yours  has to be focused on predicting business environment after few decades. What matters is you make an effort to develop that skill.

12. On a personal front, who is your role model?

Opinions matter to me as decision making DNA cannot be developed by idolizing. My decisions are carefully take after a through understanding of how different leaders had responded to situations.

13. How much time do you devote to your venture on a daily basis?


14. Does being an entrepreneur affect your lifestyle? Do you get enough time for yourself/family?

It’s a mix of work & family. I don’t take holidays neither things are overdone. I am available for work at all point of time also for personal engagements.

15. Tell us One thing that you love the most?

Tennis court is the place where I have learnt most of my lessons & that’s the privilege we enjoy after playing a game at a National level. I read inspiring articles where people have given away to their dreams.

16. Something that can keep you awake for nights together.

The process of creating a Brand.

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