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The International Institute of Information Technology, established during the end of the last century is one of the leading institutes of this century in India. It is an autonomous university located in Hyderabad, the capital city of south Indian state(s) of Andhra Pradesh (and to-be formed Telangana). The institute is also home to Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) and is headed by Mr. Srinivas Kollipara who is also the Chief Operating Officer at IIIT-H Foundation.

I recently caught up with him at his office for an interview as part of my coverage of startup ecosystem in Hyderabad . Here are some bytes from my conversation with him.

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  • IIIT college has a focus on research that has real world applications
  • IIIT foundation helps with patenting as well as commercialization of the technological research happening at the institute
  • CIE @ IIIT campus has been established with the goal to promote innovation and entrepreneurship
  • CIE is run not by people from academia but rather by seasoned entrepreneurs
  • CIE provides a seedfund (Rs. 5 – 25 lacs), incubation center and a co-working space
  • Qualifications to get into the incubator @ CIE:
    • Founders with strong technical expertise, business acumen and drive
    • Early stage startups with an excellent business idea and thorough market understanding
  • A total of 12 have been funded of which one has shut shop
  • Four of the startups within the incubator at CIE have raised further round of funding
  • CIE is working on introducing new programs to encourage entrepreneurship at colleges across India

Watch the full interview (embedded above) for more interesting tidbits.

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