Saurin Shah on Sift Shopping, Startups and Silicon Valley


A serial entrepreneur who has been interested in entrepreneurship right from the school, Saurin Shah packs a punch with great startup advice drawn from his own experiences. He is currently the CEO and Co-founder @ Sift Shopping.

I recently had an interesting conversation with him at Plug and Play Tech Center, a startup accelerator in Silicon Valley and here are some bytes from that meeting.

[hero heading=”Saurin Shah, CEO – Sift Shopping”]“Startups have ups and downs. There are often extreme ups and extreme downs. Don’t forget why you started. Learn from the downs. Focus on the ups and just keep going with it.”[/hero] [lists style=”star” color=”#dd3333″]
  • Sift shopping streamlines shopping experience for users and drive return engagement for stores
    • Provides an opportunity to change how stores and business communicates with their users
  • Average user receives 10,000 marketing/shopping related mails per year
  • Most users don’t like to download an app of every interesting brand
  • To make a successful product; design for the platform and environment your users use
  • Shoppers of this generation have varied needs
  • Most shoppers are women between 25 – 45
    • Women look for latest trends at stores and not necessarily deals
  • Idea of Sift Shopping came about by noticing the shopping habits of Saurin’s wife
  • Chief Household Officers (CHOs) buy for themeselves and the family
  • Connecting to existing user base is as important as getting new customers
  • Initial customer validation done at malls by speaking with real shoppers
  • After idea & before prototype is when they embarked on validation
  • Startup is all about taking an idea and executing well to improve the world
  • Silicon Valley provides easy access to capital, talent, mentors, partners and markets
    • All of those reduces risk and increases potential upside of a startup

Watch the full interview with Saurin Shah (embedded above) for more interesting tidbits.

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