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Pictured above (left to right): Jasminder Singh Gulati, Nitin Jain, Ronak Kumar Samantray


NowFloats is a Hyderabad based startup which is floating high. They help businesses of any size to easily create and manage a classy website in English as well as in few regional languages, all with a simple SMS. This makes lot of sense in a linguistically diverse nation like India with multiple dialects where almost everyone has a mobile phone and SMS usage is widely prevalent.

I caught up with their founding team (all ex-Microsoft/Yahoo) as part of my coverage of startups in Hyderabad to learn more about their journey. Here are a few interesting tidbits from that conversation:

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  • Originally started off as a location-based aggregation service for business/event information and later pivoted into a website creation service when they realized 96% of SMBs in India don’t even have an online presence.
  • Winners of Microsoft biz-spark award in 2012 in mobile category.
  • Part of 1st batch of 11 startups incubated by Microsoft’s startup accelerator in India.
  • Believe that Hyderabad is a very good place with fewer distractions for startups to get work done, to prototype and launch as a test market.
  • Found a paying customer within 3 weeks of launch.
  • Funded by Blume Ventures, an early stage VC firm in addition to some earlier investments from few angels.

Watch the full interview (embedded above) for more interesting conversations with Nitin Jain, Ronak Kumar Samantray and Jasminder Singh Gulati. (Neeraj Sabharwal, who is not in the video is their other co-founder and comes from an advertising background )

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