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Abhishek Shah of TalkToUs talks about their live chat application which helps website owners talk to the website visitors in real time.

“There is enough business in the world for every one to sustain, so be positive and run for your dreams.”

“Dreams are not something that comes when you sleep. It is the thing that never lets you sleep.”

1. What exactly is What is the talking all about?

Talk2UsTalk 2 Us is a live chat application. It is a module that helps you convert your website visitors to buyers. It has live chat module, Support ticket Module, & Knowledge base module as of now. Our motto is to make a website owner chat with a website visitor in real time, without any third party software like skype or messengers.

2. What is the motivation behind your start-up?

There are many companies who guarantee you huge traffic to your website, but the conversion ratio is missing. People pay huge sum to achieve traffic and they are happy with traffic only. However, we took this one step ahead. In this google age, you don’t know where and how people are coming from to your website and your website is your online identity. Helping businesses grab an online business deal the way people do it offline, bringing world closer and increasing your faith in online world is the motivational factor behind this venture.

3. Who are your typical customers? Are there any other players offering similar services?

Well any website who advertises online can be our customer; be it a real estate agent, travel agent, online store, business firms, educational institutions, doctors . . . . in short our customers can be from any industry who wish to promote their business online. In India there are very few players , but internationally there are many big players like Live Person, Provide Support, Bold Chat etc.

4. How do you reach out to the target customers?

We are striving hard to achieve higher ranking on google and yahoo search engines, that is our first step to get targeted audience . We also promote our software on Software & Script selling sites like, etc. We get reference clients through our existing customer base. Lastly, we also get publicity through startup sites like yours and other PR sites.

5. Any significant features of your start-up that you may want to share?

This is an innovative product where in you can understand who is visiting your website in real time; you can invite them for chat even if the visitor doesn’t request a chat. This works like you are personally catering a customer once he reaches your store and help them in making a purchase decision. Other important feature is support ticket where in all the customer grievances are handled in a systematic manner.

Further, most businesses generally don’t have a dedicated staff member for online chat. This is a drawback and this negatively effects converting the leads. We are currently working on live chat which will automatically answer the visitors queries from pre-feeded response when the support person is not online. But this module is under construction as of now.

6. How many people have already benefited from so far?

We have recently started marketing this software so we don’t have many customers as of now we have 20 customers who are using talk2us for their internal and web use.

7. What kind of traffic does your website see?

We have around 1000 visitors per month, since it is a business site we don’t have much traffic on our site.

8. Please tell us more about yourself, your position & other key players of your start-up?

I am Abhishek Shah, I am owner of K.B.Enterprises an Indian startup. We are a Mumbai based web development company and are into existence since 2001. We have 3 designers and 4 developers for creating clients project. This project is conceptualized by me.

9. How is your startup being funded so far? Do you plan on seeking external funding?

We invest in this product (Talk 2 Us) through our income from web business. We are seeking to funds to enhance the performance of this software and market it online.

10. What are key technologies your service is built upon and why did you opt for them?

We have created our software on .NET platform, since it is a robust system and since it is a latest scripting language we can upgrade to newer versions easily.

11. Any suggestion for the future entrepreneurs?

Believe in your self . . . Whatever a Human mind can conceive . . . It can achieve. There is enough business in the world for every one to sustain, so be positive and run for your dreamz.

12. On a personal front, who is your role model? Also, do you follow any other websites religiously?

Google founders, Bill Gates, Ebay Founders are my role models. The only site I visit religiously is Google.

13. Anything that can keep you awake for nights together?

My dream of making Talk2Us the best support software and getting at least a lakh of paid subscribers keeps me awake at nights . . . As Dr. Kalam says “Dreams are not something that comes when you sleep. It is the thing that never lets you sleep.”

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