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1. So, who are you and what’s your professional/academic background?

I am Kishore Kadiyala,  the founder of I am a graduate of IIT Madras and IIM Calcutta, and started 2 years after my MBA.

2. What is ( is one of the oldest and largest online local guide for the cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad in Andhra Pradesh. As per Google’s July 2009 statistics, it ranks at the top amongst local search companies in India – traffic wise  in an Indian city.

3. Could you share more on those statistics?

A closer look at the statistics might help in assessing the fairness of our claims.

As an example, if we take’s numbers for comparison, rather than simply dividing’s traffic numbers by 250 to get traffic per city ( is in 250 cities) we normalize the data.

For any site operating in multiple cities, we first size up each city that they operate in into an equivalent number of “Hyderabads” (as in a unit of measurement) for parity. This is done in terms of traffic/population, and then divide the traffic by that number.

So for parity,’s 250 cities are just equivalent to 35 cities like Hyderabad, and so we  divide their traffic by 35. The source for the conversion parameters is mentioned in the earlier URL.

4. Who would be your closest competitors?

Coming closest to us, there is and (perhaps as expected). But as per grapevine, a good chunk of’s traffic is from its own employees who use its website to answer telephone queries. We have not corrected for any such things(in the traffic comparison).

Our UV (Unique Visit) numbers for Sep 2009 will be 240,000 or about 40% more than what Google reports for July 2009 for our site. In general, we are growing at about 10% per month now.

5. What sets you apart from the competition?

For one; so far, we have never raised money from any professional investors yet. Secondly, what I believe (if you will indulge me a little here) sets us apart is that all the other names out there which are heavily funded have been around for years now, and yet we have more traffic (in Hyderabad – as we operate only here) than any of them.

6. How extensive is the information on Could you share any specific details? provides the most comprehensive information.  For instance, we have several times the listings that rival sites have in most categories, including carpenters, electricians, plumbers and mechanics. Further, we have had them even before some of them were even conceptualized. The point being in addition to the first movers advantage, we have much higher adoption and coverage.

Please take a look at the our Yellow Pages to get a glimpse into the extensiveness with which we cover the city of Hyderabad.

For example, we have 1200+ 2-wheeler mechanics, 450+ carpenters, 250+ plumbers, and nearly 1,200 electricians.

Also, the amount of information we provide for each listing (and there are several tens of thousands of listings on is much more than any other local guide in the world, and certainly in India.

7. Isn’t that a bold statement?

Well, there are about 15 parameters on average on which we provide information for each of our listings, including distance from just about anywhere in the city, address/telephone /fax numbers/email/website, landmarks, directions, maps, timings, days closed, closest bus-stop, closest MMTS railway station and more.

Here, for example, are profiles of 3 places in Hyderabad, in 3 different categories, on

Mainland China

Prasads’ Multiplex

Indian School of Business (ISB)

There’s no other website in India which provides this kind of comprehensive coverage for a place.

With that said, we have our set of challenges. If someone wants to look for deficiencies, they will find them. But we are continuously improving, and as of date, we believe we are the best among Indian local guides.

That was our half circle with founder of

We however plan to do a full circle (interview) with Mr. Kishore Kadiyala very soon. If there are any specific things you’d like us to ask him – be it on his entrepreneurial journey or running his startup, do please let us know and we’ll take up those with him.

(If you are an Indian startup and would like to be interviewed or featured on then we’d be happy to talk to you. Contact us right away.)

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