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Mahesh Patil of talks about his start-up with Startups.findbillboard

Please tell us more about is an online Marketplace for Outdoor Advertising Solutions. Our main aim is to provide an interactive service for advertisers & publishers and directly help grow their business drastically. We are here to offer a platform for Advertisers, Publishers & Ad agencies to reach out their target market with ease. FindBillboard maintains a large database of outdoor advertising solutions across the world. You will get all the details of your prospective Signboard, Hoardings or Digital Boards for free.

Our interactive site lets you choose the best for your outdoor advertising needs. Presently, there are 18 advertising solution categories to choose from. Prepare your advertising campaign with few mouse clicks. Additionally you can also incorporate similar application into your existing site at reasonable price. Interested readers can contact us at integrate [at] with such inquiries.

Surely, outdoor marketing is one of the most challenging jobs, how do you deal with this?

We provide an absolutely free service to Advertisers, Product Manufactures  who are looking for the best advertising solutions available. Advertisers can just visit our interactive site. With few clicks of mouse they can come up with outdoor advertising options right away.

They can find the solutions demographically, view pictures of how their Sign board/Digital Sign board will look like, they could see all the details/specification of solutions available as well as ask for production support & more. We offer a range of products, services, resources and functionality for buyers and sellers of advertising space, ad agencies, industry suppliers, freelancers and any professional who is interested, or fundamentally involved in the advertising industry. can help you in many different ways.

What is your pitch to ad agencies?

Sellers of advertising space from around the world can create Media profile pages, which are displayed in “Hot Spot” database. This media listing is absolutely free for all users. If you want to sell ad space in any media, we can send potential buyers your way. We also have additional services, which have been designed to help you. You can even post special offers for your ad inventory on this site. Advertising agencies can reach a brand new client base, by adding an agency profile page on There are many reasons why we can drive potential customers to your page within the Agency database.

In which parts of the world do you provide services?

Our services are available all over the world. uses a interactive Google map to post the billboard/signboard/hoarding location anywhere on the map. Advertisers from any part of the world – can find your signboard, it’s details, images on

Please share with us the motivation and the story behind

We wanted to hire a signboard in Mumbai, India for 1 month. We searched all over the web to find one. This process is time consuming & less effective. So we decided to produce an easy solution for this task & the concept of came up.

With the number of players providing similar services, what makes you stand out among them?

We find only 2 major competitors as below.















Our distinguishing features:

1. Post, choose, find advertising space in 18 categories.

2. We allow users to express their thoughts, successes, knowledge on through Forums, Articles.

3. allows you to build a professional network & also has features like emailing, private messaging. This allows agencies to build online client database.

4. All services are free.

We also provide list of popular agencies, manufactures under “Resources”.

How is your start-up doing from the time of its inception?

To build a huge database has started a promotional offer – staff builds your Billboard/signboard/hoarding inventory on your behalf. We send leads to you. All you have to do is email us at KC [at] with all the details of your signboard/billboard/hording.

Could you tell us more about yourself, your position & other key players, if any? is Designed & Maintained by I’m the Director at Ultramodern Design Systems Pvt. Ltd, India.

How many members are there in your team?

We are proud to be small (5 members) & yet to deliver a complex application like

How is your startup being funded so far? Do you plan on seeking external funding in the future? is the funding agency for this project. We are seeking international partners to promote our services in their country. The advertising revenue will be shared with our partners.

What were the initial barriers that you had to overcome while executing your plans for the first time?

Making agencies post their database is the biggest challenge. So we have started to post agencies inventory on their behalf.

What are key technologies your service is built upon and why did you opt for them? loves open source. is developed in PHP, Joomla & Google Map API.

In your experience, what has been the most effective way to market a business?

Email marketing.

In which parts of the world are you already active?

We have users from US, Europe & India.

Get noticed. Find billboard.

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