BusyOrders simplifies ordering for busy bees

You’re busy (who’s not?) and can’t spare time to get things done. What do you do? Wish you had a butler at your finger tips? Well, if you use WhatsApp you are close to getting your wish granted. Ameen Sayeed (@ameen), Founder & CEO at WaferLabs explains the concept and their journey in this feature.

[hero heading=”Ameen Sayeed, Wafer Labs”]Success is never a matter of luck but a matter of the passion that fuels us to dream more, work more and complete tasks no matter how hard they are. – @ameen

The Problem

“On an average, people spend around 8 years of their lifetime in shopping” – Dailymail report

These statistics seem to be true not just for offline shopping, but online too. No matter what the purpose might be; paying phone/utility bills, booking a flight/movie tickets, shopping groceries or ordering food, it takes away lot of our time. We end up doing endless searches, adding items to cart, entering shipment address, billing address, inputting payment details etc.

To simplify e-commerce to some level, there are a bunch of apps available each for recharging phone, ordering grocery, booking movie, booking bus, train and so on. But how many apps could our phone handle? Moreover, how many apps do we really want to download to take care of our daily needs? Time is precious and we can’t keep going through myriad apps just to find out which is the right app.

The Solution

Keeping the above in mind, we thought of simplifying e-commerce to its core by offering anything you need just by pinging us on WhatsApp. No sign-ins, no bank or card transactions and yes, absolutely no need to install any extra app.

How is it done? LogoWe recently launched, India’s first Whatsapp based cashless on-demand e-commerce service based in Bangalore. With BusyOrders, you will have all online e-commerce platforms clubbed together to provide users with the simplest e-commerce experience ever.

It provides simple and interactive WhatsApp based artificial intelligence solution to order things like groceries, food, booking a cab/train/bus/movie, recharging or paying phone or utility bills and even for services like applying loans, purchasing insurance etc. It’s a one stop WhatsApp based platform for all your online shopping needs. All you need to do is just ping us on WhatsApp and we will handle the rest to make sure you get the service you require at the right time.

The entire process is wallet based and involves no bank or card transactions for the user.

The Company & Team

BusyOrders is a product by Waferlabs Embedded Technology Pvt Ltd., a venture based in Bangalore & backed, mentored and incubated by NASSCOM. Our office is Based in Diamond district, Domlur, Bangalore.

Our current team has few ex-employees from eCommerce giants and alumni from IIM. We are working to bring the most simplest eCommerce platform.

Getting started

Ordering on BusyOrdersThere is a onetime simple user registration followed by adding cash to wallet using a secured payment gateway with bank level security. The user can recharge his BusyOrders wallet anytime by logging into the website.

To place any order or request, registered user just needs to send a simple WhatsApp message to a dedicated number provided to him after account approval. With the help of trained operators and a set of automated framework, the best deal is found for the order and the order amount is confirmed to the user.

One the user confirms the order, the amount will be deducted from his wallet and the order will be placed with the vendor.

Here is an example. User texts “recharge 100rs to Mom” to BusyOrders. This is then processed by an operator who uses an automated framework system that fetches user’s Mom’s phone number from our data base (stored by user in members area), mobile service provider info and also if any coupons or offers available for that recharge amount. In no time, this request is completed and the order is placed by BusyOrders with vendors like Freecharge, Paytm etc. The recharge amount is deducted from users BusyOrders Wallet and invoice is generated in user profile.

The user can login to the member’s area to update user database or add cash to their BusyOrders wallet.

About BusyOrders Wallet

BusyOrders wallet is user’s account balance which they can use to order any stuff online. User can transfer money to his BusyOrders wallet using a fast and secure encrypted bank level security. This helps user to go for cashless transactions without exposing their card details to all vendors. When a user request for an order, he no longer needs to login and input the payment details again and again. Wallet also help ensure we work only with verified customers.

While all of that sounded good, I really wanted to understand how BusyOrders sets itself apart from scores of other services such as hellotars, taporder, gobutlernow, getmagicnow, helloalfred etc., some of which also operate in global markets and how does intend to monetize if it is servicing the end users for free. Here is what Ameen had to add –

The main thing that makes us unique is our wallet based service and dedicated streamline for each customer.

With other related startups, many of the user’s painpoints still exist in that when a user needs to order something, he/she must provide payment details with every order. BusyOrders makes it simple with wallet functionality highlighted earlier.

Busyorders also provides an increased level of user experience as we have dedicated stream for each user – a personal dashboard to manage all account related operation and monitor all transactions, track the operator involved etc.

Next, compared to few app based startups, ordering anything on whatsapp is much easier than installing an app and using it. Since majority of online users are already on whatsapp, there is no point asking them to install a new app for something which could be done easily using Whatsapp.

To support his statements, Ameen provides this interesting example.

A quick comparison

Typical use case with busyorders (average time < 5 or 10 mins)

User: hi, please order lunch to my office, keep the menu same as yesterday (2 minutes ago)
Operator : Sure, I’ll do it for you. your wallet amount is Rs. xxxx. Shall I place the order for Rs.xx (2 minutes ago)
User : yeah, go ahead (just now)
Operator : thanks, Placed the order and it should arrive at your office in 30 mins. the balance in your wallet is Rs.XXXX (just now)

Typical use case without busyorders (average time > 30 mins)
[blockquote right=”pull-right”]User: hi , please order lunch to my office (30 minutes ago)
Operator : Sure , I’ll do it for you . let me know what to order (24 minutes ago)
User : hmmm chicken biryani (22 minutes ago)
(here every user asks how payments works, blah blah blah and other queries)
Operator : let me know your complete address so that I could help more (21 minutes ago)
User : Hmm XXXX, some area, some street, some block, some road, some landmark, City, Pincode, State, etc etc (18 minutes ago)
Operator : thanks , let me check restaurants in your areas (15 minutes ago)
User : ok (15 minutes ago)
Operator : sorry, we couldn’t find any restaurants delivering chicken biryani to your area (2 minutes ago)
User:bye and thanks for wasting my 30 mins (just now)[/blockquote]

He goes on to add,

We have an automation framework built that does most of the activity at the operator end. That includes finding the best deal for the user requested orders and so on.

On Monetization

Monetization models are quite vast and we will be choosing one based on a win win situation for all . We are particularly looking for B2B engagements .

The idea with BusyOrders is to present ecommerce to customers in the most simplest way possible.

and finally, here is

How it all got started?

Ameen Sayeed – CEO of Waferlabs Embedded Technologies Private Ltd.
Ameen Sayeed – CEO of Waferlabs Embedded Technologies Private Ltd.
Entrepreneurship for me was a passion right from college life. I did a few startups during my college days which I couldn’t execute very well due to various other factors. I got my Masters in electronics from a top tier college and performed well in academics.

Soon after my masters, I started working for a semiconductor MNC but the passion for entrepreneurship made me work with startups. After office hours, I used to work with couple of startup ventures in Bangalore. I finally decided to quit my job few months ago and started Waferlabs, an IoT based startup in Bangalore. We developed Chargerpot, the worlds first phone to phone charger and high speed file sharing gadget. The product is performing well and we are in talks with a UK based company to whom we are planning to sellout entire division. is our latest venture.

The experience

One thing I learnt during my last 4 year journey is to keep working hard for your passion – that’s good both to your health and career. Success is never a matter of luck but a matter of the passion that fuels us to dream more, work more and complete tasks no matter how hard they are.

There you have it folks. Ok Google. Hello Siri. Dear Readers, now go check out BusyOrders.

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