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Outdoor advertising is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing segments in the advertising industry. AdRunINDIA which calls itself an “Out of Home” advertising company is a player in this segment and is popularizing the concept of advertising on vehicles.

adrunindiaStart-ups caught up with Achin of AdRunIndia to discuss their business model.

1. Please explain the concept and motivation behind

The concept is about advertising on wheels, the strategy here is to take the advertising to the next level.

Innovation is the motivation behind

2. Are you the pioneers in such kind of advertising?


3. Could you share info about the different ad packages?

We offer 3 types of wraps –

a) Platinum – Full Body Wrap

b) Gold Wrap – Door to Door wrap both sides

c) Silver Wrap – Door to door wrap, single sides

4. Will this new medium affect the current advertising industry and if so, to what extent?

The impact is probably greater than the advertisers in the country can ever realize. There is a huge gap between the need for innovations in advertising & the money being spent by advertisers/companies.

The target of every mode of advertising is to penetrate in the mind of viewers as fast as possible, By choosing our medium, the companies will save huge amount of money in terms of display of ads, in terms of visibility.

5. Being a new startup, how has it been doing so far? How long do we have to wait to see influx of advertisements on the vehicles on the Indian roads?

Well, we are just 2 months old. So, its hard to predict but since this is an unconventional form of advertising and is totally new as per thinking norms of Indians, it might take some time for us to see advertisements on wheels.

6. Could you tell us more about yourself, your position & other key players, if any?

I’m Achin Kansal, Co-Founder. Mahendra Chourey is the other co-founder.

We are supported by Isha Toor & Amrita Kansal, our Ad Managers; Diptansh Tanwar, Manager of Sales.

7. How is your startup being funded so far?

We are self-funded using our individual savings.

But yes, we are looking for funding to expand, for marketing and getting our company on wheels.

8. Any initial problems you faced while setting things up?

Since our concept is totally new, we didn’t have any perfect guide to take us through the uncharted route. We had to design our own route and bank on our instincts.

9. What are key technologies/materials your service is built upon and why did you opt for them?

We use a highly durable material called vinyl. It is manufactured & supplied by 3M in India.

They are the pioneers in doing it. In addition, we use the various software packages to design interesting graphic ads for our customers and in getting their brands on wheels elegantly.

10. Your thoughts on effective ways to market a business.

The goal of every advertiser is to increase the exposure of their business and ultimately improve the market share.

While I’d be biased, we would want to welcome all companies to try our medium for advertising. It would definitely turn out to be the most effective medium that exists out there today when compared with other modes like Radio, TV, Internet/Blogs, SMS, Banners/Hoardings/Billboards etc.

11. The best advice you’ve ever received.

An idea can change your life.

12. Who is your role model?

My father, Mr. SK Kansal and then Mr. Bill Gates (Chairman of Microsoft)

13. What is your dream for the company?

Our basic dream is to serve companies, & customers on a world wide basis. We will roll out many new concepts in the future which can assist companies & customers to benefit on a day to day basis.

I personally believe in the slogan – “stay connected” and we want everybody to be connected.

Raftaar Pe Vyapaar with AdRunIndia.

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