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    // copy //
    P. Rama Linga Swamy,
    Flat No.303, Sripada Mansion,
    Opp. S.P.M.V.V., Gayatri Nagar,
    Tirupati – 517 502.
    Ph: 9866481059
    Honorable Minister,
    Minister for Urban Development,
    Government of India,
    Please find enclosed abstract for ‘CAR – LESS COLONIES / CITIES ‘, in the wake of our efforts to switch for Smart Cities.
    With this Project implementation we can achieve a great lead, as no other ‘mode of transport’ in the world, can move men / materials with this speed in the congested localities.
    A great saying: — Three (3) stupid stages in LIFE.
    Teenage – have TIME & ENERGY but no MONEY.
    Working Age – have MONEY & ENERGY but no TIME
    Old Age – have TIME & MONEY but no ENERGY.
    And most of the population in this world is in working Age.
    If we can show the way to save the Public Time at least their travel / Journey time, this Project will be a boon to mankind.
    Chinese Company is ready with quotation to supply required machinery.
    Please permit me to submit you presentation with 3-D Animation.
    Thanking you Sir,
    Why Traffic Jam Occurs?
    Roads are designed to handle certain level of traffic – Vehicular / Human.
    In due course, there will be increase in users, vehicles, and timing
    (People want to use the roads at the same time in their hurry, i.e., Office / School Time 09.00 a.m.)
    In this project we use the Buildings / Apartments “Building Top” as our landing / boarding place.
    Hence, we can reduce the more than 50% of ‘congest’ on the roads.
    Every Building whether it is 2 floors, 5 floors or 10 floors will have a ‘Building Top’ which is lying idle.

    At present Tower Cranes are used for material handling at large construction sites only. With little modifications in the design and Integration with latest available technologies in Lifts, Roller Coasters, Rope ways, etc, we can use them in Public Transportation.

    A Football Field is 300ft x 160ft = 48,000 sq ft = 1.08 acres. 6 Football Fields = 6.5 acres.
    TOWER CRANE – The K-10000-L covers 7.5 acres area with over 100 tons lifting capacities.
    Tower Crane JIB length 100 meters. When it is used in Diameter (on two sides) it will be 200 meters. In the aerial distance of 1 K.m. of a colony we have to use five (1000 / 200 = 5 nos) Tower Cranes in line to transfer Public from one place to other, to reach every corner of the Colony. Tirupati City covers total 5 k.m. aerial distances.
    There are some narrow lanes in a colony where two 2-wheelers cannot cross at a time.
    There are some narrow streets in a colony where two 3-wheelers cannot cross at a time.
    There some narrow roads in a colony where two 4-wheelers cannot cross at a time.
    There are ATMs in the colony, in the streets where a lot of money transactions are taking place. The ATM entrance may be 3-ft width. Like that, we can collect people through small entrance in the congested / narrow streets, lift them to Building Top / Pick up Centre and shift them through modified Tower Cranes.
    Project – Innovation article is live at:
    Example: – Roller Coaster Machinery can be viewed through following link:
    In the above video we understand people move in open cars, whereas, in this Project, people move in closed Chambers, with required speed and also able to generate Power.
    Fixed Cost Rs.200 Cr. required for every one Sq. KM distance 20% of Rs.200 Cr is sufficient, as Land acquisition requirement is at minimum level as structures / poles can be erected at Road Dividers / Road Side.
    Passenger handling Capacity More Comparatively less. Because, diversification of directions of the People movement is possible and hence, it is preferable. And also, this Project can be established in even small Cities, like B-Grade, C- Grade, D-Grade cities / towns.
    Power Generation 0 There is possibility for Power Generation at some points.

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