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    We have started a new startup in Pune Subramanion.com
    Business Model.
    It will start as online grocery store and later exapnd to cover all the house hold needs like laundry, electric and electrical maintainance etc

    Introduction. The name is taken from the concept that in earlier days when we had joint families, we had a servile character in our family, who used to take care of our daily chores. We called him with different names as Swami, Maharaj, aur Subramanion. Now today we are again not having time to do our daily chores. So Subramanion is here to help you. He will take care of your chores, and the best thing is you don’t have to give them salaries anymore. You just a need an internet connection and you are on.
    Target: Housewives, Elderly People and IT people.
    We are looking for Partners and Investors and of course your valuable suggestions. It does seems promising and If anyone interested you may contact us on 8237507732 or mail at or message at this forum.
    Thanks and Regards
    Raj Vaibhav



    @raj3050: While I do love the peppy and colorful logo, does it have the stickiness and ease of recall? I doubt. How easy is it to recollect and type subramanion.com when there are other variations to this name such as subramanian, subramanyam, subhramanyam, subramanian, shubramanian etc., versus using an easy to type-in name, subbu or some such variation. I don’t mean to downplay your thought process and I also understand how attached the founders are with their branding but those are just my thoughts.

    As for the business model itself, I think it all boils down to execution as the barriers to entry in this space are pretty low. How is it doing so far and what sets you guys apart?


    Hi Naag,

    Thanks for bringing up this question. Why and how this word will have retention in the customers mind actually depends on the relation between logo and the name. SubraManion is being made from two part Subra and Manion (derivied from minion), and everybody remembers minion. The Logo also have some resemblance to minions. So its easy to remember that we have to use “nions” in the end instead of “nians” or “nyam”.
    What really make us different from other competitors like bigbasket and grofers is that, we are trying to cover all the household requirements like laundry, electrical maintenance, repair works along side grocery needs rather than focusing only on one segment.
    Till now we are trying the local grocers to bring on-board and its working out pretty neat.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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