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    Rahul Rane
    Member is a marketplace for event venues that allows the venue owners to list their properties i.e. banquet halls, open air venues, meeting & conference rooms, wedding and reception venues, art galleries and enables users to search and connect to venues instantly for bookings.

    We have been expanding really fast with our proven business model. Our focus on gathering, analysing and showcasing authentic data gives us an edge over our competitors and helps us generate immense value for our users.

    The website, that launched 8 months back has already expanded across 7 major cities in India including Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Goa and now Delhi. provides a well designed user friendly interface for users to quickly shortlist a venue, be it for a wedding, reception, birthday party, get together, meeting, conference or any other event. A backend venue relationship management team makes sure that consumers using the website to connect to venues directly & get the best deals and turnaround is fast. This is helping us build a very strong customer centric brand and generate a lot of mouth publicity.

    For venue owners, the website is already generating leads worth Rs 2-Rs 3Cr per week and this number is growing each week. With Delhi going live and the number of hits on the website doubling each month, we are targeting to take this number up to Rs 40Cr per week by december 2014.

    We aspire to launch across 8 more cities across India by December 2014.If you would like to take a look at the marketplace, head over to and select your city.



    Congrats on the launch, Rahul. Unless I somehow missed it, is there a way to find out the venue pricing?


    Rahul Rane

    hello Naag. thanks !
    We are updating the precise pricing packages for all venues by may end.
    We want to be sure to be able to publish the latest live pricing for all venues, so we have set up a data team who will be supporting this feature year round.



    That would definitely help. Pricing is something I’d want to definitely check when trying to find a venue. Also, it’d be nice to have an ability to select two or more venues and compare them side by side.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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