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    Advancement in technology, hectic work schedules erratic lifestyles and increasing smart phone usage has resulted in a tremendous growth in online food portals. According to a report, the count of food portals in India has witnessed to around 150%.

    The little Udipi hotels serving piping hot delicious food and snacks are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. According to reports the count of food portals has witnessed a growth rate of 150% in the past year. The sudden spurt of growth in food portals is attributed to an increase in disposable income, Greater cognizance of updated technologies and the ease with which shopper’s desires are gratified!

    Passionately fond of food Indians have taken very well to placing food order online. Encouraged by this avid interest a large number of food portals have cropped up offering varied services and incentives to prospective customers.

    Several food tech start-ups like Tiny Owl, Swiggy, and others feature listing of almost all locality specific restaurants.

    Apart from offering the facility to explore all the top restaurants these food portals offer facilities like comprehensive food menus,deals, coupon codes,additional earning options, takeaway and home delivery services. These portals often provide online reviews for the potential customer to conduct comparative research on food options.

    Food portals endeavor to make it easy for their customers. All one has to do is Login to the app,and select their food preferences and place the order. The portals have pre-arrangements with the restaurants and they often have an operations manager at the restaurants who ensure that the food is as per the requirements of the customer.

    The shift in the market towards WEB AND MOBILE APPS prompted Raj ceo ETISBEW to launch an online food portal about six months ago.

    He says,”More than just offering the facility to explore popular restaurants in city and their food deals, I would like to provide genuine restaurants food delivery list that is not restricted to a particular region”

    We look forward to many more such companies making it easy choosing restaurant based on the distance, cuisine, ambiance etc.

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