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    Amber Garg

    Chummuch is an Indian Restaurant Portal which provides free listing of indian restaurant of various cities along with restaurant reviews,menus,images along with contact number. Also you have the chance to add your own restaurant if you have any or of your known.



    Interesting prologue @

    Restaurants are not just places to wine and dine. Restaurants host everything from informal chitchats to formal business discussion. They are also places where entrepreneurs meet to discuss their business plans. Many start-ups take shape at these restaurants. Students can discuss their career plans at these places. These are havens where new relationships and tie-ups are made. That is why good restaurants are so important in our lives.

    In this digital age using the internet to find your favourite tourist destinations is common.You can use your smart phone or tablet PC to find the best watchable places online. For example, if you go to your dream destination up in mountains, you will visit some famous and some lesser known tourist destinations. With Chummuch, you will find some good restaurants and some Great Experiences.

    Now suppose you are in a big Metro for some work. You don’t want to remain complacent by eating out at just any restaurant. At, you can find restaurants near your physical location.You can use to find restaurants that provide the food and facilities you may be looking for casual dining. If you are entertaining a business client, it is always a good idea to know about your restaurant beforehand. It will pay to check rather than trying, only to be disappointed later.If you are on the go, you can check Chummuch through your smart phone too.

    Many times the food you eat at a restaurant is not appealing to your palette. At other times, the services you receive are a bit off-beat. Avoid disappointment by checking your choice on Chummuch. If you have some dietary restrictions you may want to check out details of menu options at, even before you step in the restaurant.Whether, you looking for great food or great ambiance or both, is there to serve you. Whether, you are looking for budget restaurant or upscale five stars or anything in between – we have them all at

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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