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    A Startup is a business that is confused about: what product is, who customer is, and How to make money? ~D. McClure</p>
    <p>After participating in this free online course you will know how to solve each of the challenges listed above and more. Each of the 20 course sessions are concise and focused only on the most critical topics (Idea-Product-Team, Building Product, Growth, Raising Money, Culture and Hiring, Operations and Management, Sales and Marketing etc.). Each session includes; short video cases of Silicon Valley founders, investors and Incubators, a Quiz and Active Learning Tasks.</p>
    <p>Begin now by watching Session 1/20 Maximizing Chances of Success (S. Altman, President Y Combinator).</p>
    <p>Welcome to the course and please feel free to contact me for mentoring or advice if needed.</p>
    <p>”Save Time, Learn More”</p>
    <p>Dr. G. Danford (PhD, MBA)



    All great resources. Thanks Dr. Danford.



    Thank you Naag. Dr.G

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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