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    Hyderabad-based serial entrepreneur & author, Rajive Dhavan, is among those risk takers who entered the startup world at the age of 22, with as little as Rs. 40,000. All he had was an idea that he believed in. During his journey, he challenged the status quo, witnessed success, embraced failure, and showcased exponential growth. Incidentally, he has founded three companies so far.
    In his book, STFU—Start The F Up, Rajive shares some basic ideologies he developed through the initial phase as an entrepreneur. He has drawn his perspective from the fundamentals of business, management, self-belief, real-world experiences and failures. Geared toward present and future leaders of start-ups and small and medium-sized companies, it’s an attempt to bring them closer to a whole new way of looking at entrepreneurship. It’s about empowering them to look for solutions themselves.
    “Most of the other books assume that new entrepreneurs are already Business School graduates. I’ve learnt a lot from these books but I always felt that there was some gap. Well, may be because most entrepreneurs write a book towards the end of their career. But I wanted to document a path that was recently treaded. That’s exactly why my book starts with the first question every entrepreneur should ask himself – What’s my purpose to launch a startup?” he says.
    The theme of the book is motivational while challenging some of the popular beliefs and myths. It’s about inspiring leaders, and helping them with enough ammunition to face the erratic world of startups & entrepreneurship. “I am on a mission to create self-belief among budding entrepreneurs. I want them to be aware of the fact that the super-successful role models they idolize are nothing different from them. They are just a fine blend of hard work, patience, courage and perseverance. And of course they get lucky sometimes,” he adds.
    “If you have the courage to take up entrepreneurship, you will be successful some day. But for that, you’ll need to depend heavily on that one person who’ll always come to your rescue—you. Yes. Nothing helps you like… you,” he concludes.

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