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    We are a small group of testers and developers from top level MNCs, looking forward to make our foot mark as a start-up in the field of software testing and we are approaching to different leading start ups with an approach to provide them with top level Quality Assurance and ensured customer satisfaction.

    Everen Technologies currently working as freelancing Testing Services Company with a vision to strive towards perfection in the delivery of a software product which is as defect free as possible. To consistently seek better methods and processes to help insure the delivery of a quality product and thus making your outsourcing budget be a valuable spend.

    We wish to offer you with a single window solution for all your testing needs.Our team will provide you with a one stop solution to address broader, deeper testing challenges and faster/ better as well. Something that an individual test specialist would find it difficult to accomplish. All this value at a cost that is start up friendly and engagement models that are flexible.

    If you are interested in getting into a testing partnership with us for end to end testing solution for your product,we can sent you a formal business proposal with details about our ideas and how our team can add values to your venture.

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