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    <p>I have built a working prototype of a microblogging cum social networking model.<br />
    Please let me know some methods to increase exposure to my website



    Is there a demo login or some page which explains more on what the site does?



    Thank you.

    > Hello,
    > Yes, I have created a demo login:
    > Username: flappondemo
    > password:demouser.123
    > Regards,
    > Sanket Raut


    I had developed a Project on Public Transportation. For this a Corporation like DMRC – Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, has to be floated and take necessary permissions from Supreme Court, like KEVET, so that no individual or Organization in India can approach courts and get stay on the Project.
    What help you can provide, and what will be your cost?
    Legal – KEVET
    In future any individual can go to Court, saying, “stop” the slicing in the air (Say at 100 ft height) above his property.
    To face this type of hazards we have to take care in advance,
    We have to convince the Public / Authorities – by explaining the details about;
    (1) Fast extinct Fossil fuels (Petrol, Diesel, etc). We are importing more than 90% of our requirement by paying huge foreign exchange and also about Rupee Value fall in International Market.
    (2) Public Time saving by avoiding Traffic / Travel / Fatigue, etc – No other mode of Transport can move men / material at this speed , as this Project uses non – linear mode of Transportation, i.e., above buildings / structures.
    In the wake of our efforts to switch for Smart Cities. With this Project implementation we can achieve a great lead, as no other ‘mode of transport’ in the world, can move men / materials with this speed in the congested localities.
    A great saying: — Three (3) stupid stages in LIFE.
    Teenage – have TIME & ENERGY but no MONEY.
    Working Age – have MONEY & ENERGY but no TIME
    Old Age – have TIME & MONEY but no ENERGY.
    And most of the population in this world is in working Age.
    If we can show the way to save the Public Time at least their travel / Journey time, this Project will be a boon to mankind.
    Chinese Company is ready with quotation to supply required machinery.
    Project – Innovation article is live at:
    Example: – Roller Coaster Machinery can be viewed through following link:
    In the above video we understand people move in open cars, whereas, in this Project, people move in closed Chambers, with required speed and also able to generate Power.
    Innovation article “POWER GENERATION – NEW ERA” is now live on Idea Connection™ at

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