Price comparison is crux of what we are doing. What we are doing different from them and what we consider our USP is the amount of analytics that we use to better equip the user to make smart choices. Prices from different stores is the raw data that we are getting and for that what everyone else who is into price comparison is getting. What we intend to do with this data is our USP. we deploy a lot of analysis to churn this raw data into more meaningful information. We have started providing with the price analysis charts to make the user know the price variance of a product and also the popularity chart which gives an indication which product is “hot” amongst the sellers.
We have loads of other features planned, which we will be putting up in a short while, to assist people in shopping smartly and make all the informed choices – like specs, price analysis, comparisons etc. The idea is to build a smart shopping assistant tool which can literally guide when you go for shopping for products online. Like you said – we are ever evolving – we analyze the user behavior using our inhouse mechanisms and study the shopping trends of the user to give them back what they are looking for.
Doing simple price comparison wont take us too far but initially it will help us to establish a foothold in the market. Its the analytics that will be a game changer.